Clear Plastic box

A transparent view to your product is possible with the use of our PET, PVC, APET, RPET, or PP folding cartons. Size, shape and closure styles are virtually unlimited. Customizing your packaging to your product is what we do best. Perfect to allow your product to speak for itself, or add a printed paper insert or label for added branding and product information.

Transparent plastic packaging box structure

Trust Agreen packaging to package your product in the finest way, whether you want a standard or a bespoke shape. Not only is the shape important when it comes to your packaging but there are also many ways it can lock into position, keep reading to find out what shapes and locking mechanisms Agreen packaging can offer.


We offer a wide range of shapes to package your product in, these shapes can be mass-produced in a short amount of time to give you the highest quality in quick turnaround times. Agreen packaging offer a range of pillow packs and folding cartons in standard shapes and sizes but also offer bespoke shapes if you would like a unique feel to your packaging.

Clear Plastic box
Here at Agreen packaging we are devoted to doing our best to reduce our carbon footprint and make the world a cleaner place!

Here at Agreen packaging we are devoted to doing our best to reduce our carbon footprint and make the world a cleaner place!

Transparent packing box bottom structure

Crash Locks

Crash locks are the preferred choice when it comes to locking mechanisms, with this lock the boxes can be erected by both hand and machine applications. Auto-bottom/crash locked cartons are quick and easy to set up by hand, which can significantly save you up to 30%-50% of your labour costs.

clear packaging box cartons are all supplied in flat form ready for you to fold up as you need them. They come in variety of styles, the most common being:

Tuck Locks

Suitable for most shapes, easily pushed through machines.

clear plastic box Tuck Locks

Envelope Locks

Quick,easy and very simple to handle

clear plastic box Envelope Locks

D Locks

Strong and can be applied to many shaped boxes.

clear plastic box D Locks

Crash Locks

Quick and easy to erect by hand or by machine applications.

clear plastic box Crash Locks

Thermoforming blister plastic tray (transparent or various colors)

Agreen®packaging manufactures stand-alone thermoformed packaging like blisters and clam-shells, as well as vacuum-formed trays to be used as inserts in clear plastic boxes. We also pride ourselves on the quality of our folding cartons, which can provide a strong visual for your product and it can be created with a wide range of materials. You can also add special effects onto the folding carton to truly make sure your product stands out.

Thermoforming blister packaging
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