First, transparent plastic tube packaging on the shelf more attractive eyes

Secondly, plastic transparent tube packaging is easy to put into the product, do not need cumbersome manual, just need to open the lid into the product can.

Using tubes and rounds to package the products can attract even more attention at the shelf. agreen®  packaging offers non-traditional shaped transparent packaging, including clear plastic tubes, rounds, and ovals

Our two-piece, formed tubes with rolled edges can be made in round or oval profiles, are extremely sturdy and provide a prestige look and feel.Lids or closures can be made of transparent plastic or metallic silver or gold closures.

Tubes can be made to order to fill your specific needs. Tubes can vary in diameter from 1.5” to an 8”. Our tubes feature a glued seam allow for the use of thinner materials with superior clarity verses the thick walls of an extruded tube. Your custom-made tube can be produced with a transparent or opaque plastic but can also be printed with the option of foil stamping or embossing to help your tube steal the limelight in a product line up

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Translucent frosted tube packaging

We apply the same high-quality printing and decorating techniques to these unique shapes for a one-of-a-kind shelf presence.

Our two-piece, formed tubes with rolled edges can be made in round or oval profiles, are extremely sturdy and provide a prestige look and feel.

Frosted plastic tube

Clear Tube Packaging Containers are extruded and can be can customized with printing, labeling, punching, slicing, crimping or other fabrications to create the most unique and functional package. Our Clear Plastic Packaging Containers have amazing clarity and tube containers are made-to-order so you can specify any length. When paired up with one of our many styles of closures, our tubes create containers for packaging cosmetics, beads, crafts, hardware, toys, and so much more.

Our vast array of services includes contract packaging so you can make one arrangement for your product from start to finish. We can make the container, add printing or labeling, insert your product, apply a closure, pack and ship to you or directly to your customer. As a multi-processor (extrusion, injection molding and thermoforming) we provide competitive, innovative packaging

Clear Tube Packaging does not have to be round:

Square Containers、Rectangle、Oval、Triangle、customization+

We have numerous diameter moulds tube and caps.Tubes can vary in diameter from 1/5” to an 4”. The length can be customized at will, you do not need to worry about the extra mold cost, there is always a size for you, contact our professional sales engineer.

Product Case

Cardboard paper tube is also a good choice for packaging

I suggest to try our paper tube product, which can be very strong, and can be printed on both the inside and the surface, with the same special process as processing the surface of the plastic cylinder

We also have many ready-made molds for your choice, please contact us