The four most popular macaron packaging boxes

With the original more and more people like to eat macarons. And now shopping online is becoming more and more popular. Many dessert shops sell desserts online and mail them to customers. Macaron packaging boxes also gradually more up.

But there’s the issue of packaging. macarrones, as a kind of pastry, are most vulnerable to extrusion in transit. We all hope that the macarons we receive are intact.

How to protect macarons during transit? I have summed up for you a few of the most popular macaron boxes.

Macaron paper packaging box

A common style macaron packing paper box is the lid and base box. Tie a bow around the outside of the box to make a perfect gift box.

The advantage of macaron carton packing is that

  1. The box is very convenient to open.
  2. Paper packaging is environmentally friendly.
  3. It’s light and easy to carry.

Weakness of paper packaging box

  1. Macarons may be damaged by pressure due to their poor compressive resistance during transportation.

2. Paper is not waterproof, which may damage the macaron package.

Macaron paper packaging box

 METROacaron packaging plastic bags

For some macaron pastries sold in supermarkets. Made into a certain shelf life like the biscuit packaging snacks.

The advantages of macaron plastic bags

  1. The individual packaging is very hygienic and there is no need to worry about the shelf life.
  2. Easy to carry, you can put some in your bag to eat when you are hungry.
  3. The packaging cost is the low.

The disadvantage

1. It has no ability to prevent macarons from being crushed, so it is easy to be crushed.
2. Plastic bags are not environmentally friendly.

 packaging bags

Macarons iron packaging boxes

Iron packing box is a relatively luxury macaron box and make it into a round macaron boxes.

The advantages of iron macaron box packing

  1. Strong resistance to pressure, generally don’t worry about macarons being damaged by pressure.
  2. Environmentally friendly and reusable. After you eat the macarons, you can use them for other things. Such as filling pastries at picnic.
  3. Impermeable, carry macarons in rainy days without fear of getting wet.

Disadvantages of iron macaron containers

1. The cost of iron macaron boxes is high.
2. The iron macaron box is heavy. Shipping by mail will increase the cost.

Iron packaging boxes

 Macaron plastic box + blister macaron embalaje

Plastic macaron packaging boxes in recent years by more people love. In particular, cake shop owners like macaron blister packaging. The customer that ordered this kind of packing commonly can return an order.

 Why macaron blister packaging boxes are becoming more and more popular in recent years?

Blister products mainly with high quality PVC, MASCOTA, PÁGINAS, PD, GAG, flocking and other plastic materials. Production of high-grade and various specifications of electronic blister packaging, stationery blister packaging, toys blister packaging. Hardware blister packaging, food blister packaging, daily chemical gifts and crafts blister packaging. Blister packaging quality, cheap, more beautify your products. So more customers will attracted by your packaging.

Clear Macaron Blister/ Clamshell
Hot Sale Clear Macaron Blister

Advantages of Macaron blister packaging:

1) Protect the macaron. The purpose of blister is to protect the macaron. And it can place or hung on the shelves of supermarkets. So your products can display perfetly in front of customers to promote the sales of products.

2) Transparent and intuitive. Highly transparent materials of macaron clamshell packaging. So it can directly display the packaging products. Except for improve the price and image of the products themselves. And it also can play a role in shaping and spreading. This is a significant impact on the brand image and popularity of the enterprise.

3) The quality is light. Compared with paper boxes and iron macaron boxes, plastic macaron packaging boxes are light. It’s waterproof and stronger.

4) The cost of plastic macaron packaging is low.

Just like this picture. Inside is the macaron tray packaging. The outside is a transparent plastic macaron containers.

Macaron Packaging
2 & 6 Caja de embalaje helado macaron con concha de almeja

Common types of plastics, and can it be used in food packaging?

In everyone’s impression, plastic is a toxic substance. It doesn’t environmental protection and it can’t come into contact with food. De hecho, there are many kinds of plastics. And the PVC, PET and PP these three material is common. PET and PP are both food-grade materials, so it’s ok for tuch the food and are safe and non-toxic. And all can degrade, is the environmental protection material. PET and PP materials are used in general food packaging. PET packaging box is the eco friendly and reusable macaron box.

6, 12 y 24 Macaron blister boxes are more popular.

At present, the 12 macaron box is the most people to order. Además, single macaron box are popular too.

single box

Custom personalized cajas de embalaje de macarrones

We are a supplier of packaging product. In addition to Macaron packing wholesale, we also accept customized packaging.

Qué parte del embalaje se puede personalizar?

  • El tamaño de la caja/blíster/tubo.
  • Percha. Por ejemplo, puedes elegir quitar la percha, use una sola percha o doble Euro Hole. Ciertamente, podemos mostrarle las fotos sobre la percha.
  • La estructura de la caja/camino abierto. Podemos mostrarle los estilos de la estructura de la caja y puede elegir el que más le guste., como fondo normal, Fondo de bloqueo automático o estructura de cierre a presión..
  • Material. Algunos clientes tendrán requisitos para el material., como nuevo material de marca y cosméticos en envases de material biodegradable. Por ejemplo, si quieres una caja para empacar la comida, debe ser material PET. Porque el PET es un material apto para alimentos y puede tocar los alimentos directamente.
  • El espesor del material. Por ejemplo, si quieres una caja realmente fuerte, podemos darle sugerencias según sus requisitos.
  • Impresión. Por supuesto, usted puede tener su propia impresión.
  • Artesanía. Por ejemplo, el material puede agregar algunos elementos para lograr anti-arañazos. También puede optar por hacer un pliegue suave. Si estás interesado en más información, contáctenos sin dudarlo.
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