Tube Boxes Packaging for Food

Tube boxes packaging for Food the most common food packaging, they pack candies, chocolates, tea leaves and so on. So choosing a customized paper tube food packaging can give a huge improvement for sales.

Because printed packaging shows the label and the outerwear of food and is the first attraction to consumers’ visual senses.

Then you can combine the characteristics of food and the target population, with carefully designed creative product tube boxes packaging, help you spread the fame of the brand, thereby increasing its influence.

Thus, the uniqueness of tube boxes packaging design is the first step of custom food grade tube packaging.

Then high-quality product packaging is a strong guarantee for the dissemination of results and enhance product’s added value.

By the way, the custom tube boxes packaging we can offer you is of very high quality and the packaging style presented is just a tiny part of our custom-made products.

The most important thing is that agreen can offer you more custom tube boxes Packaging solutions.

Since the raw materials are 250G cardboard and 80g copper paper, the printing process used is four-color printing, and the manufacturing cost will be 20% less than using tube packaging with special processes and special materials.

So, all you need in addition is just a proper design and printing, things which we can help with. If you are interested in this model, just contact us for a good price offer.

In conclusion, we can provide professional idea about all packaging. So please feel free to contact us. We are here.

Application ; Food, Gift, Cosmetic tube , Lipstick Essential oil, Electronics,Toy, Mug, Bottle.

Tube for Food

Printing outside of the Tube Box
Food packaging tube

Printing on Tube Body and Lid
Tube Boxes for food

Tube Body is Printing
Tube for food

Small tube when it assemble
Tube Boxes for food

the Whole Looking of the Tube
Tube Packaging for Food

CMYK Printing , Matt lamination