Clear Printed Plastic Box Folding PVC/PET/PP

Clear Printed Plastic Box Folding PVC/PET/PP

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Conception of clear packaging box

Clear transparent plastic pvc pet box packaging is also called the transparent plastic box. When the custom gift box products was packed in the Clear Printed Plastic Box, you can also see the inside product very clearly. It will attract more customers to pay attention to your products. Why are clear box packaging becoming more and more popular now? Not only because the clear plastic packaging boxes can display your products, but also the clear packaging box has a lot of different structural style designs, which can perfectly set off your products. We are professional wholesale retail plastics boxes manufacturer for acetate round retangule rectangular containers box, welcome to contact us.

If you want to learn more about clear plastic sheet boxes packaging, please read on for this article. We will introduce to you in detail the material, structure, printing process of transparent plastic box and some questions about clear box bulk that customers often ask.

The material and its thickness for plastic packaging for gifts

In general, clear box packaging plastic materials are mainly divided into two kinds according to the transparency: one is clear material, the other is frosty material.

According to the usage of your products and product effect you want, you can choose the suitable material.

For Clear Material of clear box packaging plastic

If you want the clients can see the inside products clearly, it is better to use plastic clear box packaging. Let me tell you what kind of clear material you can use to do the plastic box clear packaging.


PVC is the material that we used the most frequently. It is not food grade material, it can’t touch the food directly. So clear pvc boxes was often used for electronic or daily products cause PVC is hard and it is the cheapest material.


PET is Eco-friendly material and it can touch the food directly.

If your product is food, you should use PET material, like clear plastic cake box packaging. If your country have strict requirements for Eco-friendly, PET clear plastic packaging boxes is your best choice.


PETG is higher Eco-friendly level than PET. From the appearance, you can’t see the difference between PET and PETG.

PET requires high MOQ, the MOQ for PETG is 1 ton at least and the price is higher than PET. We suggest you can use PET clear packaging box.

Clear PP

The original color of PP is frosty effect. But PP also can do clear effect. PP also belong to Eco-friendly materials.

PP material will be softer than other material, it can’t resist high temperature condition. Therefore, PP is generally not used to do cylinder packaging, but used to make plastic packaging boxes.

For Frosty Material of plastic box clear packaging

If you don’t want to show the inside products completely, frosty material is your best choice. Frosty material plastic box packaging only can see the shape of the products roughly.


PP is frosty effect material. It is also Eco-friendly material.

But PP is not very hard. When you bend the PP and other material, you will feel PP is softer than other material. Clear PP material can be used to do the clear plastic packaging box for food and clear plastic boxes for gifts. If the your product is colorful, frosty pp plastic box packaging will suit for your product perfectly.

Frosty PVC

The original color of PVC is clear. But PVC also can do frosty effect.

If you want cheap material, frosty PVC is cheaper than frosty PP.

The Comparison Between Different Material

In order to make you have a clearer understanding for the material(plastic boxes for packaging information), here attach a form about the material comparison. Wish it can be helpful to you.

The meterial thickness

The material we used frequently for clear plastic box packaging is from 0.3-0.45mm. If you don’t know what thickness you should use, please tell us the size you need and the wight of inside products, we can give you professional suggestions according to your info.

The box structure style for transparent clear box

Clear plastic packaging box have a lot of different structures, the first thing for plastic box information you need to know is about the box style/structure.

When we do the transparent plastic box, we use the die-cut machine to cut the plastic sheet and use glue to glue the box. Because we will array the die-cut of the plastic box in one plastic sheet, this is what we called composing. The box structure will affect the composing which will effect the cost of raw material. Different structure will have different composing, so the price would be different.

If the clients don’t say what structure of the box they want, we will quote the toothpaste structure box cause it is the cheapest box structure. If you want to know more about the structure of the clear packaging box for your products, you can leave a message or contact us. Now, let me introduce more box structure for you.

Normal Structure/Toothpaste Structure

Toothpaste structure box is the box structure we used most frequently in the packaging market. It is also the cheapest structure box because of the composing. You can put your products into the box from top or bottom.

This structure of the box can be used to hold some small or relatively light weight products, such as clear plastic eyelash packaging box. If the product is too heavy, the lid at the bottom can easily be squeezed open by the product, and then the product is in danger.

Semicircle bottom Structure

The top and the bottom is semicircle structure.

The advantage of this box is the stable bottom. It is stronger than toothpaste structure box but it needs more time to assemble the clear plastic packaging box of this structure.

If you think it is difficult for your customer to open the box and get the product , you can also choose to do the toothpaste structure on the top of the box and the semicircle structure at the bottom of the box.

Two end semicircle Structure

As you can imagine from the name, both of the top and bottom are semicircle structure.

This kind of structure is very stable and usually it is used for big size box.

If the size of the clear packaging box you need is big, it is better to use this structure for the strong bottom.

Snap Lock Structure

The lid is toothpaste structure and the bottom is snap lock structure.

This structure is very easy to fold and assemble. Normally this structure is used for light weight products, such as clear box plastic cookies packaging.

Auto-Lock Structure

This kind of box can save your time for assembling the products.

You just need to press it into square shape and put products inside, then close the lid.

But it is complicated for us to produce the box, the price will be higher because of the more labor time. The very popular funko pop clear plastic packaging box is the box with this structure.

Pillow Box

The structure of the box looks like a pillow, so it is called pillow box or pillowcase.

The arc-shaped appearance make the box look fashionable. You will feel good when you touch the box. In addition, the pillowcase is also very simple to assemble, which can save a lot of time.

This kind of pillow box is suitable for small size products. Clear pvc plastic pillow packaging box it not only can show the product, but also can improve the inside products’ level and make the products look interesting.

Circle corner lock bottom box

The lids of this box is the toothpaste structure, but there is a small buckle on the lids, so that the lids can not be easily squeezed open by product.

The four corners of the clear plastic packaging box are rounded, so you don’t need to worry the corners will hurt your hand.

Match box or sleeve box

The box is a combination of a sleeve and an inside box, so there is no lid at top and bottom of the box. If you want to open the box, you can push the inside box towards both ends.

This structure of the box is generally used to as plastic packaging for gifts, or some more high-end products.

Other Structure Also Can Be Customized

We accept custom orders. Whatever the box structure you want, we can do it. If you want to add hanger on the top of box to do the clear plastic hanging boxes, we also can do it for you. You also can custom the box shape such as retangular box or round vinyl box, large box or tall folding box, we accept the custom order.

Because there are so many different structure box in the market, I don’t think you want to see all of the structures. I just show you the structures that the clients would choose for their products. If you’re interested in getting more plastic box information/knowledge, welcome to contact us for more details.

Agreen Packaging have rich experience in clear plastic box packaging printing field, we can print on the clear box for different buyer, provide the best solution and good printing effect according to the different requirements.

china pvc packaging box factory

The printing craft that can use

The commonly used printing craft are the silk screen printing and the offset printing ( CMYK ). These two printing craft can meet the clear packing box printing needs of most customers.

Silk Screen Printon Plastic Clear Box

It uses the silk screen in Manroland/Roland Printer Machine to print the ink on the Clear Printed Plastic Box.

Only one color can be printed at each time, and the other color can be printed after the ink is dry. Usually silk-printed boxes can be printed with less than four colors. If you prefer the simple style of box printing, silk-printed boxes are a good choice.

Due to the printing ink and air drying ink by manual (not directly exposed to the sun, is in the Screen Engraving Machine to lay the printed PVC/PET plastic sheet, and then let the ink dry), so it takes a certain amount of labor and time.

In the case of a small order quantity of clear plastic folding boxes ( about 3,000 pieces – 50,000 pieces), the price of screen printing clear boxes will be cheaper than the price of offset printing clear plastic packaging boxes.

Offset Printing on plastic packaging boxes

It is also called CMYK, it is the craft of using the Heidelberg printer machine to print what you want on the PVC/PET plastic sheet material.

It can print many colors at the same time, so you can get the less labor and time, but the start-up cost is relatively high.

Generally four or more colors will be used CMYK, gradient color printing also belongs to offset printing. Offset printing is suitable for multiple colors’ printing, large quantity of orders requiring mass production, as well as the printing of RGB colors. In fact, RGB colors are just display colors. If you want to print them on the clear PVC boxes, you can only use offset printing craft.

In addition to the above two commonly used printing crafts, if you have the special requirements for printing craft, Agreen Packaging also can make the Silver/Gold Hot Stamping, UV spot, Embossing on clear packaging box.

Silver Hot Stamping on clear plastic gift boxes

Through the principle of hot press transfer, the metal plate is heated, foil, then to print silver words or patterns on the printed matter.

Because the main material used for silver stamping is anodized aluminum foil, so silver stamping is also called anodized aluminum stamping

On the surface, it looks silvery. People will be easy to notice the words of the silver stamping part on the plastic box packaging. So customers usually choose to make the logo printing with silver hot stamping.

Silver Hot Stamping has good weather resistance and high temperature resistance, the fastness is also very good, and can maintain a long silver light.

silver hot stamping

Gold Hot Stamping on clear plastic box gold packaging

Through the principle of hot press transfer, the metal plate is heated, foil, then to print gold words or patterns on the printed matter.

The craft principle is basically the same as bronzing, but the materials used by the two are different. In appearance, one has golden luster, and the other has silver luster. Gold Hot Stamping also has good weather resistance and high temperature resistance. The fastness is also very good, and can maintain a long silver light.

If you make the gold stamping logo on the transparent plastic box, it’s going to look dazzling and gorgeous, so it is suitable for the high-grade clear plastic gift boxes.

golden hot stamping

Embossing on pvc clear plastic packaging boxes

It is to make a metal plate and by pressure, to present a raised word or pattern on the clear plastic rectangular boxes.

You can touch the convex part with your hand, it’s convex. Compared with the spot UV craft, the embossing is more suitable for to print on the plastic boxes packaging.


What kind of products that the box pack?

Agreen Packaging can customize the plastic box packing for different products, such as electronic products PVC/PET boxes, food packaging, cosmetic/makeup clear plastic box, daily use product packaging, toy boxes.

Electronic Products Packaging

Clear plastic box case for packaging can pack the charge/cable, earphone, phone case, ipad case and so on.

Food packaging

clear plastic folding boxes are usually for packing macarons, cakes, fruits, etc. We have clear big acrylic gift square box for cake, clear cylinder shirt display box for candy, plastic food box for candy, hard box for cake, hanging crystal clear plastic containers cube box for small cake, polystyrene box clear cylinder cake box, round plastic box with flower lid for fruit, clear rigid food safe plastic boxes wholesale container, plastic disposable clear thin box treat boxes for fruit, wholesale gift window boxes with handles for fruit, floral top candy boxes

Cosmetic and Skincare products

Cosmetic clear collapsible plastic box have the cosmetic brushes/ sponge box, the other makeup products also have the customized packaging.

Daily living products

Daily uses products likes wax melt, bath ball, tower, Agreen Packaging can make its boxes for different brand.

Toy Colorful Clear Plastic Box Packaging

The most popular toy plastic folding containers packaging is the Funko Pop Protectors. Agreen Packaging have the 4 inches Funko Pop Protectors box, 6 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch, 11 inch, and other dimensions funko pop protectors packaging. All protectors box is made by PET material.

Except for these products, if you want to pack other products, please tell us what is your products, then we will give you the professional advice.

How we calculate the price for Clear Printed Plastic Box?

When the clients ask for a quote, you may find that our sales would ask some questions about the box details, such as the size, material thickness and the printing of the box. Before you place the order, I think you can learn some knowledge about how we calculate the price for clear plastic boxes wholesale.

Size, material and its thickness for the plastic box packaging

We said it many times, the price based on the size, material, printing and quantity of the products. After we know the size and box structure, we can arrange to do the composing. As you known, the plastic box clear packaging was made from the plastic sheet. It is a pieces of flat plastic sheet, we cut the shape we want then we glue it into the clear plastic rectangular boxes. This is how we make the box.

According to our experience, the most popular box sizes have 1x1x8 clear small plastic boxes with lids wholesale, 2x2x3 small clear gift boxes, 3×3 plastic clear favor boxes, 3x3x4 box, 3×5 small clear plastic box with lid, 4x4x4 clear plastic container favor boxes, 4×6 pvc box wholesale, 8x4x4 gift box, 6x6x8 boxes, 8x8x8 large clear plastic box, 12x12x12 clear vinyl boxes.

When we know the box size and structure for clear plastic hanging boxes, we can draw the  layout of clear plastic packaging and we will know the layout size. Then we will arrange the box layout in one big plastic sheet. Usually the plastic sheet size of clear plastic tuck top boxes have the limitation, so we will calculate how many layout that can be put in one plastic sheet. This is the composing progress that we need to do. This is the reason why we need to ask you the size and box structure.

Composing and quantity

After composing for clear boxes for packaging, we can calculate how many kilogram material we need to buy according to the material thickness and the quantity. We buy the raw material in kilograms or tons, the raw material cost based on the weight. This is the reason why we need to ask you about the material thickness and quantity.

For printing, different printing have different cost. We need to see your design or know how many colors in total, then we can suggest the best printing way for you to save your cost. We need to consider the printing cost when we calculate the price. And we also need to consider the labor cost when we calculate the price.

The problems that you may have when you purchase the clear plastic folding boxes

About the order details and our company

  • Q: Where is your factory?

A: Our factory located in Shenzhen, China. We have specialized in packaging field over 10 years.

  • Q: The mold fee will be refund after place order?

A: If the mould fee reach the 5‰ value of your order, we will return the mould fee. For example, if the mould fee is 50USD, it can be refundable when the total amount of the order is 10000USD.

  • Q: The pvc clear packaging box plastic will scratch easily before we use it?

A: Please don’t worry, the boxes have protective film outside to protect the box from scratching. If client do not want plastic boxes have protective film, we suggest to choose anti-scratch material or anti-scratch oil on box surface to avoid scratch.

  • Q:What about the sample time and lead time?

A: Sample time is about 3-5 days for no printing box; If the box have printing, it needs about one week. Usually the lead time is about 10-14 days after we receive the deposit and you confirm design. For large quantity, please contact us for details.

  • Q:Clear boxes for packaging is recycle or biodegradable?

A:Our PVC/PET/PP materials are eco-friendly material and all our materials are new-born materials. We also have recycled material like RPET and RPVC material, but the price will be higher than normal new-born material.

For biodegradable material, it is much more higher than normal material price. So most of the  clients won’t choose this material at present.

  • Q: Will you provide design for Clear Printed Plastic Box to us ?

A:After confirming order, we will draw the blank layout of the box to you. Then you can do your own design on the blank layout. Usually the printing design file must be PDF or AI form, because the printing effect would be clearer than the other form file. After you finish the design, our designer can check the design and give you some suggestions based on our experience.

About the clear box packaging for transparent plastic box

  • Q: Clear plastic box case for packaging rupture easily?

A: If you had this situation before, I can tell you that the reason is due to the press line of the box is too deep or thickness of clear plastic box gold packaging is too hard and the material level is not good, so it would increase the possibility of rupture during shipping. Please remember to do not fall it by corner of box, as you known, corner is easy to destroy.

  • Q: Why the printed plastic box would happen the Ink transfer?

A: According to our experience, the following are the main reasons for ink transfer:

  1. The drying time for the ink is not enough, so it will happen ink transfer.
  2. Due to the material, the printed value on the surface of the material should be below the standard value. If the material printed value up to standard, it won’t be ink transfer.
  3. Improper pack way, we should store the box upright.
  • Q: The Clear Printed Plastic Box is not easy to fold it well, the lid flicked.

A: When client assemble the box, they should fold each side of the packaging box with pressure, so each side of the box and corner can be 90 degrees perpendicularly. Then box can be fold well and do not flick easily.

  • Q:It is always take so long time to get price from other supplier.

A: We can offer price within 24hours, if it is stock product, we can provide price within 1 hour.

About the problem that you met and shipment for clear plastic box

  • Q: Is the printing color on box not the same as drawing?

A: If your design was adjusted by AI in RGB color, it look bright. But actually we need to transfer it from RGB to CMYK printing to print it.

Different computer in different distinguish ability, so there have a little differences between them. We will send video to you have a check when we print it if you really worry about it.

  • Q: Why the box I bought from other supplier before is not good? Why the glue part is so obviously?

A: If it is PET material, Getting white due to their supplier choose water glue. Water glue at box side is easy to get white. There is small Air bubbles inside of the glue side due to the unstable air pressure. Our box’s gluing part is not obviously, please see our picture and video.

  • Q: How long will it take for shipment and the ship cost?

A: We are manufacturer in shenzhen China, If we ship the cargo by air, it needs about 5-6 work days. If we ship the cargo by sea, it is about one month. Shipping cost by sea is much cheaper than shipment by air. If you are worry about the goods will be lost, you can buy insurance for goods.

  • Q:The small clear plastic packaging box is folding or flat when shipment?

A:It is flat when shipment, in order to save ship cost and space. When you received the cargo, you need to fold it into box then pack your products.

Understanding your products’ target market

Different products also have different quality and different value. Clear vinyl boxes packaging is a good way to improve the product’s value. If you want your products sells well, it is important that you understand your target market and the product positioning. This is the first step before you start your business. You need to do the market research and decide the target price of your product. Then you can know the budget of the Clear vinyl boxes packaging for the products.

For the packaging, professional person should do professional work. We are professional packaging supplier who specialized in packaging field for 12 years. Tell us your target price then we can give you some suggestions and you can make the final decision. That is win-win situation for both of us.

Find a good packaging supplier that is professional enough

Not only the product have different level, but the Clear vinyl boxes packaging of the product have different level. Good packaging can improve the product level. Some people may think the packaging is a kind of waste, but we have to admit that packaging would effect the customer’s choice. Would you buy a product with good looking packaging or buy a product without packaging? I think the answer is quite clear.

We also know the importance of environment protection, this is the reason why we called agreen packaging. We want our clients know the importance of green. The material we used is eco-friendly material and we insist on avoiding unnecessary waste for the production. The client tell us their clear plastic folding boxes, we can give some professional advice to them to save the waste and save the clients’ cost.

We are professional Clear Printed Plastic Box supplier, contact us if you need to custom your brand.

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