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scratch off sticker
Gold Scratch Off Stickers, Round.Roll
scratch off sticker
Silver Scratch Off Stickers, Round.Roll
scratch off sticker
Holographic Scratch Off Stickers, Round.Roll
scratch off sticker
Customize other colors and diameters

Leading source manufacturer of scratch off stickers

We can customize each roll of 300 stickers, 500 stickers, or 1,000 stickers for you. Any custom

Diameter 25MM10*10mm15*48mm6x15mm7x18mm8x55mm16x38mm
Diameter 16MM12*12mm20*60mm6x18mm7x22mm10x20mm18x40mm
Diameter 20MM15*15mm25*60mm6x20mm7x24mm10x30mm18x45mm
Diameter 30MM16*16mm26*60mm6x22mm7x65mm10*38mm35*58mm
Diameter 31.5MM20*20mm20*68mm6x26mm8x20mm10x40mm26*38mm
Diameter 38MM22*22mm25*65mm6x30mm8x22mm10x50mm23*42mm
Diameter 40MM25*25mm5x15mm6x36mm8x30mm10x55mm18*32mm
Diameter 45MM30*30mm5x18mm6x40mm8x36mm12x50mm16*38mm
Diameter 50MM35*35mm5x22mm6x50mm8x40mm15x45mm18*40mm
Diameter 60MM40*40mm5x30mm6x55mm8x45mm15x48mm15*48mm

zebra scratch card stickers

Discover the thrill of uncovering hidden rewards with Zebra Scratch Card Stickers! Transform your promotions into an engaging safari of surprises.

leopard print scratch off stickers

Add a touch of wild excitement to your promotions. Get noticed and stand out with Leopard Print Scratch Off Stickers!

Wave scratch off stickers

Dive into excitement with Wave Scratch Off Stickers! Ride the wave of anticipation as you uncover hidden treasures beneath each scratch.

Custom printed scratch off stickers

Unlock endless possibilities with Custom Printed Scratch Off Stickers! Personalize your promotions with your own logos, and designs.

Round scratch off stickers

Elevate your branding with From vibrant hues to precise dimensions, make your message pop let Round Scratch Off Stickers be the perfect canvas for your creativity!

Scratch off stickers with breakpoints

Introducing Scratch Off Stickers with Breakpoints! Revolutionize your promotions with customizable break points, allowing for controlled reveals and enhanced user engagement.

Heart scratch off stickers

Whether it’s for Valentine’s Day promotions, wedding favors, or romantic giveaways, these heart-shaped stickers add a personal touch to every occasion.

Custom shape scratch off stickers

Whether it’s your logo, a unique design, or a special symbol, we can create scratch off stickers in any shape you desire.

scratch off stickers (cut by sheet)

We offer scratch off stickers in both rolls and individually cut sheets for your convenience. Whether you prefer rolls for application or sheets for distribution, we’ve got you covered.

How to increase the value of labels

Scratch Off Stickers are stickers with a special coating that users can gently scratch off with a nail or coin to reveal hidden information, images, or codes underneath. These stickers are typically used for activities such as giveaways, promotions, games, marketing campaigns, educational resources, and more.

Unlimited Creativity:

Scratch Off Stickers add infinite creativity to your promotional activities. You can conceal discount codes, coupons, prize information, or other surprises to attract consumer engagement.

Interactive Experience:

Compared to traditional promotional methods, Scratch Off Stickers offer a novel interactive experience for users. They can reveal hidden information by scratching the stickers, increasing engagement and memorability.

High-Quality Materials:

We utilize high-quality materials to manufacture Scratch Off Stickers, ensuring durability and ease of use.

Recommended Applications:

Promotional Activities:

Whether it’s online or offline promotions, Scratch Off Stickers are the ideal choice to attract customers. Conceal discount information or lottery prizes to make your promotions more appealing.

Product Packaging:

Adding Scratch Off Stickers to product packaging provides consumers with an extra surprise, increasing purchase desire and brand loyalty.

Brand Promotion:

Hide your brand information under Scratch Off Stickers and distribute them through giveaways or events to boost brand exposure and awareness.


These products are used to conceal information, codes, or prizes which users can reveal by scratching off the surface.

Yes, they can be customized with various shapes, sizes, colors, and designs according to customer requirements.

They are used in industries such as marketing, promotions, gaming, education, and security.

Yes, they can be applied to packaging to indicate if it has been opened or tampered with.

Yes, they can be numbered or serialized for tracking purposes, such as in lottery games or promotional campaigns.

They should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to maintain their integrity.

Yes, they can be applied to curved surfaces with the right adhesive and application technique.

Yes, they can be designed to adhere securely during use but be easily removable without leaving residue when desired.

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