PET Box Manufacturers in Shenzhen


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PET Box Manufacturers in Shenzhen

To clarify, this is PET Box manufacturers for gift. Then great acetate folding box packaging and all kinds of retail products.

Ten eerste, these are tuck top and bottom boxes. Then they can be flipped open from both top and from bottom.

ten tweede, it comes flat and can be easily assembled before use. Daarnaast, there is strong bottom to hold product.

Dus, it can show gift well. Then you can win the market.

Ten derde, before to ship goods, we will flat PET Box. 20pcs/bag. Then we will put the then into carton.

Next you can choose to ship goods by sea or by air. Dus, you can ask us to help to arrange the shipment.

Trouwens, we have our own ship agent. Then we will ask ship agent to pick up goods.

Dus, improving your products attractiveness by using these PET Box manufacturers. Then we do custom sizes and printing.

Once you confirm order with us,we will draw blank die cutter to you.Then you can put printing into it.

Eindelijk, our designer will send the final draft to you to confirm design before printing.

The most important thing is that if you want to fold box assembly. Then may we suggest to choose auto lock bottom.

Because this is structure help you save time on assembly due to automatic bottom.

Daarom, please use them to package and display your products, then you will never have to look elsewhere.

Dus, take a look at the choices available hier for more detail.

Gebruikt bereik:

Daarom, it pack all kinds of retail products.

Bijvoorbeeld: Geschenk, vissen lokt, schroevendraaiers en ambachten,fruit.

Product NamePET Box Manufacturers in Shenzhen
MateriaalPvc, HUISDIER, PET-G, A-PET,PP, PS.
MaatAs custom Or we will suggest it.
SjablonenAangepaste sjablonen of standaardsjablonen kunnen voor uw behoeften worden geleverd
Afdrukkenfull colour CMYK of zeefdruk, Hot zilver/goud stempelen
Packaging detailssupply all kinds of packing options, volgens de eisen van klanten: verzending merken,20STUKS/Pak.
BetaalvoorwaardenT/T, Western Union, PayPal.
Voorbeeld doorlooptijd3-5 werkdagen
Productie doorlooptijd7-10 werkdagen
Verzendgegevensover zee/lucht , volgens de eisen van klanten
pet box jelly
Dan, the front side of the Gift Box.
pet box manufacturers in shenzhen
Dus, the back side of the PET box
box manufacturers in shenzhen
Dus, this is the front side of the PET box.
pet box manufacturers
Dan,this is printing is inside.

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