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Clear macaron boxes | Plastic macaron clamshell packaging containers

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Clear Macaron Boxes Packaging Manufacturing Company

Wholesale macaron packaging blistes boxes can be the clear plastic box or frosty plastic box with clear blister, paper box with window or paper gift box with inside blister.

Custom macaron boxes are not just containers; they are the essence of presenting these delightful delicacies. I understand the significance of clear and customized packaging in enhancing product appeal and brand recognition.

Macaron Clamshell Packaging

Macaron clamshell packaging embodies elegance and functionality, providing a clear, protective shell that showcases the vibrant colors and delicate details of these sweet treats.

The transparency of clear packaging amplifies the visual appeal, enticing customers with a tantalizing view of the macarons inside.

Customization options allow businesses to align packaging with brand aesthetics, ensuring each box is a unique representation of the product and brand identity.

Macaron transparent packaging box
Macaron transparent packaging box

Standard size’s Macaron Blister packaging D 46* W 25mm

They are have the buckles, so it can be used alone or with clear boxes.

Products NameMacaron Blister SizeMacaron SizeMOQModel No.Structure
macaron boxes for 2pcs2.56”x2.68”x2”D1.85” x H 1”5000PCSGR3027Clamshell
macaron boxes for 3pcs3.74”x2.68”x2”D1.85” x H 1”5000PCSGR3028Clamshell
macaron boxes for 4pcs5.04”x2.56”x2”D1.85” x H 1”3000PCSGR3248Clamshell
macaron boxes for 5pcs5.99”x2.68”x2”D1.85” x H 1”3000PCSGR4018Clamshell
macaron boxes for 6pcs7.28”x2.68”x2”D1.85” x H 1”3000PCSGR3029Clamshell
macaron boxes for 12pcs7.28”x5.2”x2”D1.85” x H 1”3000PCSGR2976Lid with Base
macaron boxes for 24pcs9.65”x8”x2”D1.85” x H 1”3000PCSGR4006Lid with Base

Medium Size’s Macaron Blister packaging(D 49* W 28mm)

The tray does not have a safety catch and needs to be used with an external box.

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Products NamePackaging SizeMacaron SizeStructureMOQModel
macaron boxes for 5pcs7.41”x2.52”x2”
1 row x 5 slots
Dia. 1.89” x Height 1.1”Clamshell30004008
macaron boxes for 10pcs7.41”x5.04”x2”
2 rows x 5 slots
Dia. 1.89” x Height 1.1”Lid with Base30004008
macaron boxes for 15pcs7.58”x7.41”x2”
3 rows x 5 slots
Dia. 1.89” x Height 1.1”Lid with Base30002901

Large Size’s Macaron Blister Boxes (D49*W32MM)

Products NamePackaging SizeMacaron SizeStructureMOQModel
5pcs macaron blister8.11”x2.3”x2”
1 row x 5 slots
Dia. 1.89” x Height 1.26”Clamshell30003225
10pcs macaron blister8.11”x4.57”x2”
2 rows x 5 slots
Dia. 1.89” x Height 1.26”Clamshell30003225

Plus Large Size's Macaron Blister packaging(D52*29mm)

The series features a flat top construction for easy stacking and labeling.

Products NamePackaging SizeMacaron SizeStructureMOQModel
3pcs macaron blister4.6”x3”x2.05”
1 row x 3 slots
Dia.2.05” x Height 1.15”Clamshell30003259
6pcs macaron blister5.5”x4.7”x2.05”
2 row x 3 slots
Dia.2.05” x Height 1.15”Clamshell30003260
12pcs macaron blister7.8”x6”x2.05”
3 row x 4 slots
Dia.2.05” x Height 1.15”Clamshell30003261

Macaron box with clear lid

There also have another kinds of material that you can choose. If you want to use eco-friendly material, paper should be your best choice. Maybe you will think about that paper can’t see the inside macaron, we have method to solve about it. Why don’t you try the paper box with clear window for macaron box pack?

macaron box pack

Please see the following picture, the clear window can show the macarons well and the paper insert can protect the macaron well. For the clear window, usually it is 0.2mm thickness PET/PVC material. The paper insert can prevent the macaron from moving, but you need to fold it when you need to use the insert. Because the paper insert is a pieces of flat paper, it can save the shipping space and shipping cost.

macaron 6 pack

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