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What Chocolate Packaging Design Ideas Can be Chosen

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The market trends for chocolate packaging design

We are going to talk about the existing chocolate packaging design ideas in the market like chocolate box packaging. Before that, let’s learn more about the chocolate market. The global chocolate market is projected to witness a CAGR of 4.5% during the forecast period (2021 – 2026).
The chocolate market was impacted by COVID-19 during its onset in 2020. However, the market became more stable post the ease of restrictions across both importing and exporting countries. Consumers’ in-home consumption of chocolates witnessed a steep rise during the lockdown; Chocolates, among other consumables, were bought in bulk, which led to higher volume sales through supermarkets and hypermarkets.
On the other hand, the premium sector of the global chocolate market was severely affected by low sales volume due to the COVID-19 pandemic, partly due to supply-side issues linked to quality and certification. Consequently, varied public sectors provided support to the strengthening partnership between fine cocoa producers and chocolate companies to enhance the resilience of marketing infrastructure. This is expected to provide an important means of assistance to the recovery of the market.
In 2020, the chocolate market witnessed an inclination toward the darker varieties of chocolate, as consumers showed a preference for them over other varieties, on account of better health benefits, lower calories, and altering perception toward premiumization.
Over the medium term, the global chocolate market will become highly competitive, with the presence of numerous leading players accounting for the major share. The increasing demand and growing popularity of dark and organic chocolates are fueling the market’s growth. Europe holds the largest share of the global chocolate market. In Europe, Russia is the largest market for chocolate, followed by Germany, the United Kingdom, and France.

homemade chocolate packaging ideas

Scope of the Report

In the market studied, consumers have shown an inclination toward premium chocolates in most countries. Premium chocolates are mostly purchased from supermarkets and hypermarkets, owing to the unique variety of attractive products being offered in such places, ready packaging of products, appealing in-store promotions, and consistent quality. Additionally, consumers are willing to pay for high-end chocolates.​ In Europe, the sales of chocolate have been hindered by attempts to fight against health concerns (caused by overconsumption of chocolates) such as obesity and dietary issues, and greater cost and commodity prices. Hence, chocolate manufacturers are increasingly turning toward premium chocolates.​
The global chocolate market is segmented by type into white/milk chocolate and dark chocolate. By product, the market has been segmented into soft lines/selflines, countlines, molded chocolates, and other products. By distribution channel, the market has been segmented into supermarkets/ hypermarkets, specialist retailers, convenience stores, online channels, and other distribution channels. The report also provides an analysis of the emerging and established economies across the global market, including regions like North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, South America, the Middle East, and Africa.

The importance of the chocolate packaging

Good packaging improves the chocolate’s appearance and the product level. According to the target market and the product feature, you can choose the suitable packaging for your chocolate brand. If you were the customer, I believe you’d rather choose the chocolate which packaging is beautiful and clean. The packaging can improve the product level
If you have no idea about the market trends and packaging knowledge, we can help you with your project. Now, let’s introduce the existing packaging styles for chocolate for you.

chocolate packaging design ideas

Exist popular chocolate packaging idea

A beautiful-looking and high-grade packaging for chocolate will take customers’ attention. We have several styles exist popular chocolate packaging to show you as below.

Paper chocolate cushion pad

As the bottom protection for chocolate, we put paper pad packaging into a box to protect chocolate together. You don’t need to worry about the paper pad, the material we used is food-grade material, so it can touch food directly. Colors and sizes can be customized such as gold/silver/black/white and so on. There have many different thicknesses for the paper pad, like 2 layers, 3 layers, 5 layers, 7 layers, and 9 layers. The thickness that our clients order most frequently is 3 layers or 5 layers of the layered paper cushion pad.

chocolate cushion pad

Chocolate boxes paper packaging

This is a normal paper box for chocolate. Usually, the material we used for the paper box is 350G/400G single side coated paper. Single color or CMYK printing/hot stamping/embossing logo can be customized.

chocolate gift box walmart

Its advantage:

1) The paper box can be shipped in a flat. Because it is a paper card before assembling it, it can save the shipping space and shipping cost.
2) Eco-friendly and biodegradable material. Paper material was accepted widely by foreign clients who always want the material won’t cause damage to the environment.

eco friendly chocolate packaging

Its disadvantage:

1) Client needs time to assemble the paper box. But do not worry, it is easy to assemble it and we will send a video on how to assemble the paper box.
2) Customer can’t see the inside chocolate products from the paper box.
Our sample picture is a single sample box.

chocolate box packaging design

The paper holder tray is popular in recent years since the paper holder can be assembled. The paper holder tray can save the shipping cost and save shipping space. Besides, its MOQ is lower than special plastic material.
If you do not want to assemble the paper holder, we can assemble it before shipment. But you need to pay for the labor cost and higher shipping cost for the completed paper holder.
For the paper box of chocolate, the inside can match the plastic blister tray. Normally, there will also have a sealed clear plastic bag match with the blister tray to keep the chocolate clean. For the sealed plastic bag, it is better that you have the machine to seal the plastic bag when you pack the chocolate into the blister tray.

We also can do the clear plastic bag as below. It is suitable for chocolate balls whose quantity is small.

homemade chocolate packaging ideas

Chocolate packaging plastic boxes

Clients also like to choose a plastic box for chocolates. Since the chocolate can be shown clearly through a plastic boxes. If you want the chocolate can be shown from all sides, the transparent box is a good choice.

clear chocolate packaging
Actually, the colors and printing can be customized. The material we used for the chocolate clear box is PET food-grade material. The thickness range that you can choose is 0.25-0.7mm. The thicker material, the stronger the clear chocolate box. Certainly, the price also would be higher if the material is thicker.
There is an inside tray to pack the chocolates directly. Tray colors that you can choose have black, white, and transparent. Normally, most clients would choose a black base tray because of the good looking.

chocolate packaging plastic boxes

Chocolate blister packaging tray

Blister Tray packaging is an inside part of chocolate packaging. The size can be customized. If it is a clear plastic tray, the price is cheaper. If you want the black/white gold color tray, the price is higher. By the way, the MOQ of black or other colors is higher a lot than the transparent blister tray.
The paper holder tray is popular in recent years since the paper holder can be assembled. The paper holder tray can save the shipping cost and save shipping space. Besides its MOQ is lower than special plastic material.
If you do not want to assemble the paper holder, we can assemble it before shipment. But you need to pay for the labor cost and higher shipping cost for the completed paper holder.

clear chocolate box

There is also another kind of blister packaging which shape looks like round tube packaging for chocolate. Because of the craft, we call it to blister round box. This kind of blister round box also can match with the inside blister tray to pack the chocolate. Blister boxes not only can do the round shape but the oval shape or any shape you want. It is strong enough to protect chocolate products.

chocolate trays packaging

Chocolate gift box packaging

Usually, chocolate was given as a gift to relatives, friends, and partners. It will be wrapped in classy gift packaging. The lid and base box looks more high-grade. You can customize the printing, such as CMYK printing and hot stamping.
From the appearance, you may think it looks like a normal paper box. In fact, it is stronger a lot than a normal paper box. The thickness of gift box packaging is about 1-2mm. Box Shape can be rectangular/round/heart shape. Also, we can help to add ribbon to decorate the gift box if needed. We also accept custom paper bags to match the chocolate gift box packaging. There are strings on the two sides of a paper bag in order to carry the chocolates. The printing and sizes can be customized.

chocolate gift boxes wholesale

Metal box jar for chocolate

Metal box Jar for chocolate is also popular in the market. The tin box is a round shape/rectangular shape. You can custom the printing for the chocolate metal boxes. We can also add a handle for the metal box, so the customers can carry the packaging easily.
This style of packaging is strong enough, so it can protect the chocolate from damage during shipment. But the price will be a little more expensive than a paper box or plastic box.

chocolate tin box

Round Chocolate Boxes

If you want a round box that is clear to pack the chocolate, we suggest that you can use clear plastic tube round box packaging. Clear plastic tube packaging is a good packaging to pack the chocolate. This kind of packaging is special and interesting, customers would think it is good-looking and buy it at home. At the same time, the customers can use the tube packaging to hold some small objects after they open the products.

chocolate tin box manufacturers

Food wrap paper

For chocolate packaging, there also have another kind of paper which used to pack the food such as chocolate, cake, hamburger, and so on. That is food wrap paper. According to the different usage, the wrapping paper will have differences like the thickness and craft. For example, If you want the wrapping paper to pack the pizza, it is better to use 52g thickness coated paper. It is quite good when you touch it, but it can be put into the oven. If you want to put the food wrap paper with food into the oven, it is better to use 40g of silicon paper. For food products, normally the paper thickness needs 35g at least. We accept custom thickness paper according to the client’s needs.

food wrap paper

If this kind of wrap paper is not used in food products, it can be used to pack clothes. It was called garment wrap paper or moisture-proof copy paper. Usually, the wrap paper thickness is 17g if the clients don’t have special requirements.

Understanding your product’s position

As the saying goes, know yourself and know your enemy. Therefore, it is essential for us to understand the positioning of our products before we start the business.
There are many different kinds of chocolate packaging design ideas in the current market.
There have different shapes such as a chocolate bomb and a bar of chocolate, different tastes, like truffle chocolate, chocolate-covered strawberries, different application scenarios, homemade or a gift for a friend. Also, chocolate has different consumer groups, and people in different countries have different preferences for it. The people in the UK will be more concerned about whether chocolate packaging is biodegradable and eco-friendly, and India cares more about the price.
Combining the above factors, we can determine the positioning of our chocolate brand.

Choosing the most suitable chocolate packaging

An important thing in establishing our chocolate brand is to choose the right chocolate packaging design ideas. We have introduced the popular packaging of paper pads, paper box, plastic boxes, trays, gift boxes, and a metal jar, you can choose one of your favorites to pack your chocolate.
Of course, the most important thing is to choose the packaging according to your product’s position. Based on the shape, flavors, application scenarios, and consumer group, then confirm the suitable types of chocolate packaging.

How to design your chocolate packaging?

After you choose the suitable chocolate packaging design ideas, you may have a question: how to design our chocolate packaging?
The first step is to make sure of the packaging material and dimensions. Agreen Packaging will give you suggestions of the chocolate packaging dimensions. The material has paper and plastic material usually, chocolate as a kind of food, we have to choose food-grade materials. The MOQ of Food Grade paper material will be relatively high, while the chocolate package’s MOQ with plastic material is only 3000 units. Plastic material is generally Food Grade PET material. If you want to show the inside beautiful chocolate, PET will be more suitable for your packaging. The paper material is more suitable to make luxury chocolate gift packaging.
The second step is to design a package template according to your brand style, packaging size, and structure, and then draw your logo/some patterns and text description on the template, so that we can get the completed chocolate package design.
If you don’t have your own designer, you can show similar chocolate packaging design ideas pictures to Agreen Packaging, and then Agreen Packaging can provide simple design and advice.

Professional chocolate packaging supplies, contact Agreen Packaging

Agreen Packaging is a chocolate packaging supplier and we have rich experience in the packaging field. When you have any chocolate packaging design ideas or design requirements for the chocolate package, please fill out the format below and we will give you professional advice.

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