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Brand story Funko pop-Custom funko pop protectors

FUNKO is a company located in Everett, Washington, USA, which mainly deals with pop culture creative toys. At the Comic-Con 2010 in San Diego, USA, FUNKO launched POP for the first time! The series of vinyl collection dolls, the products’ unique creativity and fashionable shapes, have not only been enthusiastically sought after by vinyl collection fans all over the world, but also loved by many stars such as Robert Downey, Chris Evans Favorites.The Funko pop protector custom Loved by toy collectors.

Growth of Funko pop

In just a few years POP! It has rapidly developed into a star brand in the American collectible doll market, and has been authorized by more than 150 world-renowned companies including Marvel, DC, Disney, Pixar, Universal Pictures, DreamWorks, Paramount, U.S. Cable Network, NBA, etc. , Movie animated stars and other authorized images of up to 5000 kinds.

Funko pop protector custom

At the same time that Funko pop’s product series is increasing, the packaging of this product has also attracted everyone’s attention. The packaging form of each product is the same, only the theme pattern of the packaging box is changed.This packaging method has gradually become a symbol of funko pop.First, funko pop protectors has two layers of boxes. The first box is a transparent plastic box that fully reveals the toys inside. Another box is with the design printing of the toy.

Funko pop protection Embossing

We can customize your own embossing patterns

funko pop protection Embossing funko pop protection Embossing

Funko pop protection printing

We can do DIY printing on the surface of empty protective containers, suitable for different people’s needs

funko pop protection printing luminous

funko pop protection printing (2) funko pop protection printing (2)Why do you need a funko pop custom box?

I want to say that it is very necessary for you to have a plastic transparent box. First of all, it can protect these cute dolls during transportation.Secondly, everyone loves these dolls very much and hopes that they can be seen at any time. When on the shelf, customers can also see what the dolls they want to buy look like. Attract customers’ attention.Third, when the doll is placed for a long time, the dust in the air will find it. This transparent plastic box is dust and water resistant. If it is dirty, you can clean it with a damp cloth at any time.

Funko Pop Case
funko pop protector show the toy

Just keep in mind, though, that many of our collectibles of today become exceptionally valuable in the future and you’ll get much more for a mint in the box figure than you would for a poor condition one!

What sizes funko pop packaging boxes can we provide?

Funko Pop comes in several different sizes. So there are also several common sizes for the funko pop packaging boxes.

funko pop soft protectors 4″ inch

Suitable for the Pop of this size: 4.5″ x 6.25″ x 3.5″

Pop Protector Case Size: 118*162*92mm(4.65″ x 6.38″ x 3.62″)

funko pop soft protectors
funko pop soft protectors 4″ inch

funko pop packaging 6″ inch

Suitable for the Pop of this size: 8″ x 5.5″ x 6.5″

Pop Protector Case Size: 205*144*166mm(8.07″ x 5.67″ x6.53″)

funko pop packaging
The box pack 6 inches Pop Protector

funko pop soft protectors 9″ , 10″inch

Suitable for the Pop of this size: 13″ x 9″ x 8.25″

Funko Pop Case
We do 9/10 inches funko pop protector

Here is a funko pop protector 10″ .Funko pop protector custom is accepted.

pop protector custom
This is Funko Pop Case 10 inches

In a word, we can supply any size of funko custom box. If you want to custom box protector of your own customizable plastic dolls,welcome to contact us for details.

Which part of the custom funko pop protectors you can custom?

  • The size of the box/blister/tube. If you don’t know the size, we will give you suggestions about the size when you can send your products to us.
  • Hanger. For example, you can choose to remove hanger, use single hanger or double Euro Hole. Certainly, we can show you the pictures about the hanger.
  • The structure of the box/open way. We can show you the styles of the box structure and you can choose the one you like, such as normal bottom, auto-lock bottom or snap closure structure.
  • Material. Some clients will have requirements for the material, like new brand material and cosmetics in biodegradable material packaging. For example, if you want a box to pack the food, it must be PET material. Because PET is food-grade material and it can touch food directly. If for electronic products, we suggest you can use PVC material, cause the price will be cheaper than PET material.
  • The material’s thickness. For instance, if you want a really strong box, we can give you suggestions according to your requirements. Tell us your requirements, then we can give you professional advice.
  • Printing. Of course, you can have your own printing. After you place the order and pay the deposit, our designer can send you the die-cut for the box.
  • Craft. For example, the material can add some elements to achieve anti-scratch. You also can choose to do soft crease. If you are interested in more information, contact us without hesitation.

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