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Custom sticker rolls: A powerful tool to enhance your brand image

Affordable Roll Label Stickers Manufacturer


In the competitive business landscape, branding is paramount. Custom sticker rolls provide an affordable and effective way to enhance your brand’s visibility. Create eye-catching logos, product labels, or promotional stickers that leave a lasting impression on your customers.

WHY Custom Sticker Rolls?

Custom sticker rolls offer a cost-effective solution for individuals and branded businesses looking to add a professional touch to their projects. They are budget friendly, can be ordered in bulk and are suitable for businesses of all sizes.

Custom sticker rolls come in a wide variety. From die-cut shapes to holographic coatings, you can find a roll that meets your requirements. Experiment with different styles to create stickers that stand out.

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A clean room designed and built specifically for label printing.


Employees with more than 10 years of service


Cumulative production of over 100M sticker labels worldwide


Cumulative number of global service brands

Advantages of Roll Labeling

Reduced downtime and reel change time in production, less waste of raw materials, and good cost performance. Custom size, shape and color, with a wide range of customizable craft effects on the surface, can be accompanied by identification codes for easy product tracking and management

Advantages of Roll Labeling

Custom the direction of label usage

You can customize the initial orientation of the rolls of stickers to match your products with the labeling equipment to improve productivity.

Roll labels can also be applied by hand.

Rolls of label stickers paper roll core size options

Common core sizes

Trusted by companies all over the world

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custom labels for jars
Custom Labels For Jars

“Custom Labels for Jars” are personalized labels designed for jar packaging. They can be customized in terms of size, design, and color, adding unique charm to products while providing brand recognition and conveying product information.

custom wine labels
Custom Wine Labels

“Custom Wine Labels” are labels that are tailored specifically for wine bottles. Personalized with unique printing, text and embossing and UV processes, it allows wineries and individuals to brand their wine bottles with distinction.

custom candle labels
Custom Candle Labels

“Customized candle labels” can be made of waterproof white high-temperature material or clear labels for specific or unique effects.

Customizable color and size for text printing

Accessible through all devices

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