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What is Slide Blister packaging?

Slide blister packaging is a type of blister packaging that allows for easy opening and closing during the packing of the product.

The sliding blister packaging consists of two parts, plastic blister + paper card. The blister needs to fold the three sides of the blister to the back with a folding machine so that in the next packaging process, the paper card can be inserted into the folding to form the sliding blister packaging.

We usually use PVC or PET materials to make a sliding blister. PET materials are food-grade and environmentally friendly materials, that can use to pack food. PVC materials are not environmentally friendly materials and are usually used for packaging various tools or toys.

In addition, we can accept customized sliding blister packaging thicknesses range between 0.3-1 mm. You can choose a suitable thickness according to the size and weight of your product. If you have no idea about this, contact us and we can give you some suggestions.

Sliding blister is usually combined with paper card packaging, you can design your packaging according to the details of the paper card below. Let’s learn more about the paper card.

What products are suitable for the use of thermal forming sliding plastic packaging?

First of all, the product volume and weight are relatively small, the appearance of the product color is bright, can attract the attention of customers, more suitable for the use of sliding blister packaging. As the back of the sliding blister package often uses a strong paper card, the advertisement or instructions can be printed on the front and back sides。

For example, mascara, eyeliner, promotional lipstick in cosmetics.

Hardware, hardware accessories, screws or small hardware tools

Children’s toys, cars, or building blocks

Mobile phone protection case, battery or children’s Watch

With the development of the economy, more and more people’s living needs have increased. The sales volume of all kinds of products has great growth, such as electronic products, cosmetic products, daily life products, and tool products.

In addition to the attractive glossy merchandising impact of carded blister packs, the packaging method carries further advantages over other approaches. Visibility, for example, is high for consumers shopping blister-carded items, because they can see through the formed PVC to get a good look at the goods inside. And while the packages are shopper-friendly, they also protect retailers by furnishing sturdy protection against consumer handling avoiding shop-worn damage to well-handled goods. Custom forming creates unique blister packs for each item they contain, setting them apart from competing for retail items. And when cards are attached, sellers can use the space to incorporate graphics and product information on the flat surfaces provided by the cards.

Why AGreen packaging company’s sliding blister packaging have price and quality advantages

Automatic sliding blister packaging machine, high output, stable quality. Absolute advantage in the market, with a daily output of 100000 PCS

Mold and sliding blister packaging manufacturing in the same factory

Working principle of sliding blister packaging thermoforming machine

The first thing is to know the blister forming principle —- Vacuum forming technology.

It is a kind of thermal processing method, the thermoplastic sheet is cut into a certain size, after heating and softening the plastic sheet, with the help of the two sides of the sheet atmospheric air pressure difference and mechanical pressure to make the sheet deformation, and then cover on the surface of the specific mold. After cooling deformation, and trimming to complete the process of plastic blister tray.

Vacuum therforming progress

There have 2 kinds of main blister packing thermoforming machines, one is the negative pressure blister thermoforming machine, through the way of negative pressure of air to achieve vacuum, so that the plastic sheet attached to the blister mold.

And the other one is a positive and negative pressure thermoforming machine, through the way of pressure and vacuum, then form a strong pressure difference on both sides of the plastic sheet, so as to soften the plastic sheet forming.

According to the blister inner tray forming way, the common blister packing machine is the negative pressure machine.

vacuum therforming machine

Sliding blister packaging mold

To produce a good quality blister packaging, there needs to pay special attention to the two points: blister forming mold and processing technology.Hot forming manual sample mould

Technique of Vacuum forming

Mould Styles of Sliding blister packaging

The mold plays a very important role in the quality of the custom blister packaging. Usually, there have plaster molds, cooper molds,s and hardware molds for blister-forming molds.

The plaster mold is easy to make, and making time is also short ( about 2-4 days). It is conducive to the modification of product packaging. Compared with other molds, its cost is the lowest. Due to the original color of the plaster mold, the transparency of the blister made by the plaster mold is less than the blister transparency made by another mold. So it is mainly applicable to the sample confirmation and low requirements of product packaging transparency.

Cooper mold is metal molds made on the basis of plaster molds, which are relatively durable. The thickness of blister copper mold is about 0.5-0.8mm, and the making time is about 5 days ( including the plaster mold making time). The surface of the copper mold is smooth, so the appearance and transparency of the blister produced are good. Also, its mold cost is relatively low, so it is the most commonly used Sliding blister packaging insert forming mold.

copper mould

Aluminum mould needs to be based on 3D design or product sample, through CAM and another programming software programs, completed by CNC machine tool processing The precision of aluminum mold is very high, and the contour and Angle of the blister packagings produced are relatively beautiful. Relative to the other two molds, its price is the highest, but its durability and production efficiency are higher, time-saving and electricity saving and the rejection rate is very low. This mold is suitable for packaging with high appearance and size requirements. It is the first choice for mass production and high requirements of blister production.

aluminum mould


Folding process of sliding blister card packaging

After we make the plastic sheet into the shape we want, we can start to fold the edge. Because the material is not easy to fold, what you see in the trifold blister is the result that we use a sliding blister machine to fold it many times. The thicker material, the more difficult it is to fold it. Tell us your product size, then we can suggest the material for you. According to your detailed requirements, we can give you some professional packaging advice.

The Paper Card For Sliding Blister packaging

A Paper card is a part of the thermoform blister packaging to protect the product from falling. Product instructions and pictures/company information can be printed on the paper card, you can print anything you want.

Material of the paper card

Gray board paper, single-side coated paper, and white cardboard are used for sliding blister packaging.

The material and craft of paper boxes
Material selection and technology of paper card

Single side coated paper is a layer of white paint covering the surface of raw paper then Processed by super calendering. This paper card is common to use, because the paper card’s surface is smooth, has high whiteness, and has good inking performance.

slide blister packaging card (1) slide blister packaging card (1) slide blister packaging card (1) slide blister packaging card (1)

Greyboard is produced from recycled waste paper. The price would be cheaper.

The thickness of the paper card

Usually, we will use grams to present the paper’s thickness. For one square meter of paper, the weight is their thickness. For example, a 350g single-side coated board means that the weight is 350g for one square meter C1S.

350g paper card is the material which was used most frequently for the product. Some clients will choose 300g paper cards because their product is very light and the client wants to save cost. But we do not suggest the clients choose a 300g paper card due to it is weak thickness. It is not strong enough to protect products when products fall from a high place.

Mounting means that we combine 2 pieces of paper card into one paper card, it is called mounting paper or mounting board. 250g amounting (total 500G) thickness is thicker than 350g paper card. If you want to make your product look more high-grade and stronger to pack product, a 500G paper card is a good choice for clients. It can be full-color printing on both sides.

The craft of the paper card

CMYK printing or single color on one side or on both sides for the paper cards.

Product pictures, Product Instructions, company information… can be printed on the paper card.

Embossing can emphasize and highlight the important parts of printing design like logo and slogan. When you touch the embossing part, it is outstanding obviously.

Hot stamping/silver hot stamping is the process that shows a sense of metal and a stronger sense of three-dimensionality through the change of the hot stamping plate. The color is brighter, but the price for this craft is expensive. So we suggest that you can apply some words that you want to emphasize.

blister card packing

Spot UV means this UV Coating to a specific area (or areas) of a printed piece rather than coating the entire surface. Spot UV is a creative way to add depth and contrast through varying levels of sheen and texture.

UV spot

Glossy lamination produces a shiny, glass-like appearance that enhances the color and vibrancy of the ink on a page.

Matt lamination: A matte film is adhered to regular paper or film with an adhesive, often by heat-activation.

Gloss and matte lamination

Glossy Vanishing: a layer of glossy oil cover the paper. It can prevent dust pollution and moisture erosion, it also protects the colored layer.

Matt Vanishing: a layer of Matt oil covers the paper after printing.

Normally we will suggest choosing lamination since varnishing needs more time to get it dry. The defective rate and price of varnishing are higher than lamination.

What products can be packed in trifold/sliding blister

Most tool products will choose sliding blister packaging. Because the shape of the tool is generally irregular, and the edges and corners are relatively sharp. The sliding blister can design the packaging according to the shape of the product and protect the product well. The picture below is a small fishing line scissors sliding blister box.

Fishhook sliding blister packaging
Fishhook sliding blister packaging

This is a sliding blister for a bottle opener. You can design your brand logo on a paper card.

sliding blister for bottle opener


sliding blister

stock slide blister packaging

slide blister packaging

slide blister packaging suppliers

In addition to tool products, mobile phone cases are often used in sliding blister packaging boxes.

phone case sliding blister packaging

The daily necessities at ordinary times can also be used in sliding blister packaging. If you want to save space, add a plane hole to the top of the package so that the goods can be hung on the shelf to save space.

Thermometers in slide blister packaging suppliers

sliding card blister packaging

Soft tape ruler stock slide blister packaging

Soft tape ruler sliding blister packing

Watch sliding blister packaging

blister pack packaging

Finally, more and more cosmetics also use sliding blister packaging now, such as eyebrow pencils, eyeliner, lipstick, and other tubular cosmetics. This kind of transparent packaging and the design of colored paper cards can attract more customers.

cosmetic sliding blister card packaging

Advantages & disadvantages of slide blister packaging

Clear PVC/PET Blister Appearance

The material we used is high-transparency PVC/PET material. Clear material allows the customer to see the inside products. If your products are colorful products or have beautiful appearance products, you can consider this kind of blister packaging. The shape of the blister also can be customized. You can do the shape you want. There have 2 styles for the blister cavity, the one is the blister shape which is the same as the product shape. The other one is to do the cavity which is big enough to hold all products.

Customized Printing Paper Card

Printing of the packaging is a really important part of the packaging. You can do your own design on the paper card, excellent design can attract the customer’s attention. It also can emphasize your brand’s slogan and conception, it can help you to build your own brand. We accept custom printing, you can print anything you want on the paper card.

Easy to Assemble the Slide Blister Card Packaging

It is quite easy to assemble the sliding blister pack. You just need to put your products inside the cavity of the blister, then slide the paper card into the blister. It would be the ready packaging that can hang on the goods shelf. This kind of packing way is really popular and most clients like it because it can save assembling time and labor costs.

The disadvantage of sliding card blister packaging, the large volume would be the disadvantage for sliding blister packs. Although the blister can be stacked one by one, the shipping volume is still larger than a box that can be flat during shipping. Large volume means that the shipping cost is also higher than a normal plastic box. But you can choose to ship the cargo by sea, usually, the sea shipping needs about one month.

Several elements of high-quality sliding blister packaging

Good packaging can improve the product’s level and it can help to build the brand. If we were the buyer, we certainly want to buy good quality packaging. But how to judge the quality of plastic slide blisters? There have 2 points that you can pay attention to. The first one is if the paper card and the sliding blister match well. You can see usually the paper card and blister have a hanger hole, good suppliers would focus on it and will adjust the position of the hanger hole to ensure the sliding blister packaging looks great. The second one is looking at the backside blister. If the 3 sides of the blister are flat, smooth, and look great, it is good quality sliding blister packaging.

We are professional blister packaging supplies, contact us for some advice if you want to try this kind of sliding blister packaging.

FAQ of sliding blister packaging

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