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Custom sticker rolls: A powerful tool to enhance your brand image

Daily capacity 500 000+PCS

Affordable Roll Label Stickers Manufacturer

In the competitive business landscape, branding is paramount. Custom sticker rolls provide an affordable and effective way to enhance your brand’s visibility. Create eye-catching logos, product labels, or promotional stickers that leave a lasting impression on your customers.

we offer various finishing options such as gold and silver foiling, embossing, and UV coating to add a dynamic and vibrant touch to your labels, making your brand stand out even more.

More material and process options

Color Printing

High-precision printing of any color.Unlimited materials.


Embossing and debossing can be combined with color and gold leaf.

Hot Silver Stamping

Custom partial silver metallization effect.

Hot Gold

Gold logos and text as well as edge trimming are common techniques.


Adding crystal embossing to printed graphics or lines.

Hot Gold + Embossing

Gold leaf and embossing creates endless possibilities.

WHY Custom Sticker Rolls?

Custom sticker rolls offer a cost-effective solution for individuals and branded businesses looking to add a professional touch to their projects. They are budget friendly, can be ordered in bulk and are suitable for businesses of all sizes.

Custom sticker rolls come in a wide variety. From die-cut shapes to holographic coatings, you can find a roll that meets your requirements. Experiment with different styles to create stickers that stand out.

World Map - One-Stop Printing Packaging Custom


A clean room designed and built specifically for label printing.


Employees with more than 10 years of service


Cumulative production of over 100M sticker labels worldwide


Cumulative number of global service brands

Advantages of Roll Labeling

Reduced downtime and reel change time in production, less waste of raw materials, and good cost performance. Custom size, shape and color, with a wide range of customizable craft effects on the surface, can be accompanied by identification codes for easy product tracking and management

Advantages of Roll Labeling

Custom the direction of label usage

You can customize the initial orientation of the rolls of stickers to match your products with the labeling equipment to improve productivity.

Roll labels can also be applied by hand.

Rolls of label stickers paper roll core size options

Common core sizes

Outstanding Application Case Introduction

Roll labels are widely used in daily chemicals, beauty, food, gifts, industrial products, safety labels, events, conferences and advertising media.

Custom Labels For Jars

“Custom Labels for Jars” are personalized labels designed for jar packaging. They can be customized in terms of size, design, and color, adding unique charm to products while providing brand recognition and conveying product information.

Custom Wine Labels

“Custom Wine Labels” are labels that are tailored specifically for wine bottles. Personalized with unique printing, text and embossing and UV processes, it allows wineries and individuals to brand their wine bottles with distinction.

Custom Candle Labels

“Customized candle labels” can be made of waterproof white high-temperature material or clear labels for specific or unique effects.

Customizable color and size for text printing

Application examples of roll labels

These rolls are perfect for creating unique stickers that reflect your personality or brand.


Custom sticker rolls can be made of materials like vinyl, paper, clear plastic, or foil, depending on the application and desired aesthetics.

Custom sticker rolls are typically produced through a printing process where the design is printed onto the chosen material and then cut into individual stickers.

Yes, one of the advantages of custom sticker rolls is the ability to customize the size, shape, and design of the stickers according to your specific requirements.

Common printing methods for custom sticker rolls include digital printing, offset printing, and screen printing, each offering different benefits in terms of cost, quality, and versatility.

Yes, certain materials like vinyl are durable and weather-resistant, making custom sticker rolls suitable for outdoor applications such as vehicle decals and outdoor signage.

AI (Adobe Illustrator), PSD (Adobe Photoshop), PDF, EPS, or high-resolution JPEG/PNG.

Production times for custom sticker rolls vary depending on factors such as the quantity ordered, complexity of the design, and chosen printing method. Typically, it can range from a few days to a couple of weeks.

Yes, we offer sample packs of customised sticker rolls or pre-production pre-shipment samples for quality assurance and design verification.

The recyclability of custom sticker rolls depends on the materials used. Paper-based stickers are generally recyclable, while vinyl stickers may not be easily recyclable due to their adhesive backing.

We offer environmentally friendly alternatives to custom sticker rolls, such as recycled paper, soya-based inks and biodegradable adhesives to minimise the impact on the environment.

Finishes for custom sticker rolls can include gloss, matte, satin, and specialty finishes like metallic or holographic effects, adding visual appeal and enhancing durability.

Removability depends on the adhesive used. Some custom sticker rolls feature permanent adhesives for long-term application, while others use removable adhesives that allow for easy removal without residue.

Yes, materials like vinyl and certain coatings can make custom sticker rolls waterproof, protecting the printed design from moisture, rain, and humidity.

Yes, we can produce adhesives that are FDA-approved for direct food contact, so custom sticker rolls are safe for labelling food packaging and containers. Some of our materials are suitable for temperatures as low as -50 degrees Celsius, making them suitable for refrigerated use.

It’s important to ensure that your custom sticker roll designs comply with copyright laws, trademarks, and any regulatory requirements for product labeling or safety information.

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