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custom personalized vinyl stickers

Custom vinyl stickers offer a powerful, cost-effective way to enhance brand visibility and communicate sustainability commitments. At Green Packaging, we specialize in producing eco-friendly custom vinyl stickers that not only boost your brand’s presence but also affirm your commitment to environmental responsibility.

70% reduction in sourcing costs.
Latest digital printing technology with high color reproduction.Door-to-door delivery.

white material

White material makes color printing more vivid.

transparent material

Transparent materials can present a sense of color transparency.

water proof

Vinyl is waterproof, dustproof and wear-resistant.

No glue residue left

Re-applyable glue makes the sticker reusable.

order vinyl stickers in any size, shape and quantity

We can produce custom vinyl stickers in any shape and brand printing you desire. As manufacturers, we provide high-quality labels for storefront brands and businesses through bulk manufacturing. Setting ourselves apart from most online suppliers, we do not offer DIY premium stickers for individual users. Our goal is to reduce brand costs through bulk manufacturing!

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custom vinyl printing

perfectly printed customized vinyl stickers

Our vinyl stickers are printed using UV printing and are coated with a UV layer or additional protective film on the surface for extra durability. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, ensuring long-lasting color retention. Embossing and hot stamping techniques can be added to the surface for enhanced aesthetics. The vinyl stickers are precision-cut using laser die-cutting technology, allowing us to achieve intricate shapes with high accuracy while maintaining consistency across batch labels.

Extensive Customization for Unique Branding Needs

Green Packaging offers a vast array of customization options to meet the unique branding needs of every business. Our offerings include various sizes, shapes, and finishes, such as die-cut vinyl stickers and vinyl decal printing, tailored to make your brand stand out. Whether you need custom vinyl decals for promotional activities, vinyl decals for trucks, or personalized vinyl clings for retail, our stickers are designed to leave a lasting impression.

Customization That Speaks Volumes
The Advantage Of High-Quality, Sustainable Materials

The Advantage of High-Quality, Sustainable Materials

Our custom vinyl stickers are crafted from high-quality, sustainable materials, ensuring durability against environmental elements like UV rays, rain, and scratches. We use green materials that are recyclable and biodegradable, meeting stringent sustainability standards. Opting for our vinyl sticker printing services means choosing products that last and support eco-friendly initiatives.

Streamlined Ordering and Exceptional Customer Service

At Green Packaging, we ensure that ordering custom stickers is straightforward and environmentally friendly. From the initial design submission to the final approval, our process is designed for efficiency. We provide digital proofs to ensure accuracy before production, and our customer support team is always ready to assist with any inquiries or special requests, guaranteeing a seamless experience from start to finish.

die cut vinyl stickers - One-Stop Printing Packaging Custom

We can fix the following issues other buyers have experienced

colors not as vibrant as expected

Our color printing is done using million-dollar HP digital printing equipment or high-precision CPT print plates, not small-scale printers. We are dedicated to helping startups and businesses obtain high-quality promotional materials.

Inability to resist environmental factors

As a leading sticker manufacturer, we adhere to strict raw material sourcing and meet various environmental testing standards. Our products are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, including waterproof and weather-resistant options.

Problems with the Adhesive

We use sticker label raw materials from well-known international and Chinese brands. Strict raw material control is the basic guarantee to avoid insufficient fit and residual glue. Glue and environmental protection testing certificates can be provided.

Delays in shipping or issues with receiving the wrong order

Benefiting from a comprehensive ERP system and 16 years of production management experience, we systematically supervise every process to ensure quality while safeguarding production and turnover times.

Customer service not resolving issues effectively or timely

We have dedicated sales representatives to handle pre-sales and post-delivery, working 5x8 hours to promptly address and follow up on inquiries. This ensures seamless coordination from production to delivery.

Complaints and suggestions email: [email protected]

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Label sticker makers play the icing on the cake as we transform your design ideas into tangible labels. We are the artisans behind the scenes, utilizing expertise and technology to bring your vision to life.We typically offer cost-effective solutions, especially for volume orders. As quantities increase, the cost per label decreases, making them a budget-friendly option for businesses.
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We recommend high-resolution PNG, JPG, or vector files like SVG, AI, and EPS for the crispest vinyl sticker printing results.

Our stickers typically feature vinyl sticker adhesive that’s strong yet removable without residue, suitable for both custom vinyl decals and vinyl cut out stickers.

Choose from materials like glossy vinyl, matte vinyl, and transparent vinyl for custom vinyl printing, ensuring durability and aesthetic appeal.

Designed for longevity, our stickers withstand outdoor elements, making them perfect as vinyl decals for trucks or boat vinyl stickers.

Yes, from die-cut vinyl stickers to unique outlines, shape customization is available at no extra cost.

Our custom waterproof vinyl stickers are made using materials and inks designed to resist water and UV damage.

Absolutely, our outdoor vinyl stickers are crafted to withstand various weather conditions, ideal for vehicles and signage.

While our production schedule is standard, express shipping options can reduce overall delivery time.

While our production schedule is standard, express shipping options can reduce overall delivery time.

Die-cut stickers are cut through both the sticker and backing for a freestanding design, while kiss-cut stickers cut only through the sticker layer, leaving the backing intact for easy peeling.

We adhere to ethical printing practices, avoiding obscene or copyrighted materials. Please ensure you own the rights to your designs when ordering custom logo vinyl decals.

Customize your stickers to expand your brand’s impact

Elevate your brand today with custom vinyl stickers that showcase your commitment to quality and sustainability. Contact Green Packaging to explore our options and start making a positive impact with every sticker you use.

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