Custom Clear Pillow Box Packaging

We have a perfect clear plastic pillow box production equipment and team

agreen® packaging was founded in 2008, located in SHENZHEN, China. We have our own factory and we have Germany imported Heidelberg and Man Roland 7+1-color UV printing machinery for colored pillow boxes. Our factory have passed ISO9001:2008 as well as many inspection reports and inspection certificates for clear pvc pillow boxes with hang hole. We have more than 30 workers, 3 QC, 2 QA, production technology and management personnel, with a total of 53 employees at present.

Custom Clear Pillow Box Packaging :The Complete Guide

Structure and advantages of clear pillow box packing

Have you ever thought of using clear pillow boxes packaging to increase your selling point?

Well, you had to, at some point. At least, that is a good indicator as far as business growth and success is concerned.

That said, You’ve considered wrapping your candy, chocolate, gifts, toys and even your wallet in a clear pillow boxes Awesome decision!

Pillow boxes with clear window is different from other packaging. First of all, pillow pack boxes won’t occupy with much space before you use it. Secondly, the two ends of plastic pillow box can be opened and closed arbitrarily, which is convenient for you to assemble.

Finally, custom pillow boxes can be customized in size and added any desired color on the surface of clear pvc pillow box.

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    Crystal Clear Pillow Box (Optional hanger)

    Recycled pillow boxes-100% recyclable material


    We strongly recommend that you use recycled plastic for your plastic pillow boxes packaging to help protect the environmentclear pillow box

    Black transparent pillow boxes - printed case

    large clear pillow boxes Beautiful clothing packaging design box

    Frosted pillow packing box

    If you are looking for special Plastric pillow boxes, I recommend you try a translucent frosted pillow pack packaging box

    If you are looking for special white pillow boxes, I recommend you try a translucent frosted pillow pack packaging box.

    Frosted pillow box wholesale can make your products look hazy and vaguely mysterious, and the surface is slightly frosted which prevent Frosted pillow box from hand prints and scratches

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    Frequently asked questions





    我们的PVC / PET / PP材料是环保材料,而我们所有的材料都是新生材料。我们也有回收材料,例如RPET和RPVC材料,但价格将高于普通的新生材料。





    1.The drying time for the ink is not enough, so it will happen ink transfer.
    2.Due to the material, the printed value on the surface of the material should be below the standard value. If the material printed value up to standard, it won’t be ink transfer.
    3.Improper pack way, we should store the box upright.

    When client assemble the box, they should fold each side of the packaging box with pressure, so each side of the box and corner can be 90 degrees perpendicularly. Then box can be fold well and do not flick easily.

    We can offer price within 24hours, if it is stock product, we can provide price within 1 hour.

    If your design was adjusted by AI in RGB color, it look bright. But actually we need to transfer it from RGB to CMYK printing to print it.

    Different computer in different distinguish ability, so there have a little differences between them. We will send video to you have a check when we print it if you really worry about it.

    If it is PET material, Getting white due to their supplier choose water glue. Water glue at box side is easy to get white. There is small Air bubbles inside of the glue side due to the unstable air pressure. Our box’s gluing part is not obviously, please see our picture and video.

    We are manufacturer in shenzhen China, If we ship the cargo by air, it needs about 5-6 work days. If we ship the cargo by sea, it is about one month. Shipping cost by sea is much cheaper than shipment by air. If you are worry about the goods will be lost, you can buy insurance for goods.

    It is flat when shipment, in order to save ship cost and space. When you received the cargo, you need to fold it into box then pack your products.

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