Sliding Blister packaging with Paper Card for Phone case

Manually lockable
Theft safe
Retailer & Consumer Friendly
No Sealing Equipment Required
Clearly Displays and Protects Your Products
Available in PVC or recycled RPET plastic
Excellent Product Recognition


Sliding Blister packaging for Phone case

As you known, sliding blister also call tri-fold blister packaging.

Firstly, the sliding blister packaging is a visual packaging for fast, uncomplicated handling.

So the blister card can be inserted into the folded edges of the blister cover.

Secondly, depending on requirements and design, we can also staple the blister . Then it glued by label or inserted.

Besides, Sliding blisters are plastic packaging, usually made of transparent plastic films, they are thermoformed and folded over at the edges.

Finally, we can insert a cardboard or a plastic card into this fold. A distinction is made between welded packaging (sealed blisters), clamp packaging (sliding blisters) and hinged packaging (hinged blisters).

Most important that, we can provide you with different styles for packaging. Good products is important. But good packaging can make your products stand out from crowd.

Thus, please don’t hesitate to contact us here.

phone case blister packaging

The Front Side of the Phone Case Blister Packaging

phone case paper card

The Back Side of the Phone Case Tri-fold Blister Packaging

beautiful phone case packaging

You Can Print the Instruction on the Paper Card

colorful phone case packaging

Popular and Hot Sale Phone Case sliding Packaging

Sliding Blister packaging with Paper Card for Phone case 1

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