The all-paperboard packs is popular in the world. Because the environmental protection is becoming more and more important in people’s mind. As a result, packagers are switching to single-material, all-paperboard packs.

However, many designers feel obscures for the all paperboard packs— the blister should display the product to consumer, but the all-paperboard packs will block the product to show them. Agreen® packaging affirms ” we’ve got some real problems with [the visibility issue].” In order to solve the visibility issue, a combination of a transparent blister with paper insert card is created.

The blister lid with insert card have many advantage:

• Blister lid was the clear window-which addressed the product visibility issue. And we can custom the slot cavity according to your products.

Clear PVC blister can show your products.

High transparent blister can show the USB cable or other products.

• Paper insert card can print the pattern you want, product introduction/ guide and your company information.

Printed paper card for USB Cable

Insert Card for USB Cable packaging can print on double sides—Front side

Back side for printed paper card.

Insert Card for USB Cable packaging can print on double sides— Back side

• The package is easy to assemble. Just put your product in the blister and insert it into a paper card, you can complete the whole package. Also, it apply to other electronic products, cosmetics, toys and so on.

Clear PVC blister with cardboard packaging for cable,

Blister Lid with Paper Card for USB Cable packaging