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Cardboard Paper Boxes With Plastic Window

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Cardboard Paper Boxes With Plastic Window

At Agreen Packaging, we manufacture the cardboard paper boxes with plastic window. The clear window mostly use the PVC and PET sheets. Because the PET sheet are completely recyclable, the paper gift boxes, cosmetic boxes and electronic boxes widely use PET sheet. But it costs a little more than the PVC window packaging. The thickness of the PVC, PET sheets varies from 0.15mm to 0.35mm.

The main application of the paper window packaging is the gift and retail battery for the display and presentation purpose. Because the clear window can display the gifts or batteries inside the box to attract the consumer’s attention.

At the same time, the clear window on the paper box can be any shape. They are square window, rectangular window, heart shape window and other custom shapes. Besides the common clear window boxes which have the plastic window on the front panel, the clear plastic window can be folded and glued to the side panels of the paper box. It is called a corner window box, or paper box with the corner window.

The cardboard doll boxes with plastic window below are just for your reference.

paper box company
The Whole Effort for the Gift Paper Box with Clear PVC Windows
Cardboard Doll Boxes With Window
The Back Side of the Paper Gift Box
Cardboard Doll Boxes
You Can Print Own Design on the Box
Cardboard Doll Boxes With Plastic Window
The Clear Window Can See the Inside Products

Clear Window Material for Cardboard Doll Boxes

The clear transparent plastic window widely use the PVC and PET. And the PET is very eco-friendly because it is totally recyclable. So that the paper food packaging usually choose the PET plastic material to make the clear window.

After the creasing and die-cut of the PVC/PET materials, there is usually 2 ways to make the window packaging. One solution is that we glue the PET/PVC to the inner surface of the corrugated paper box. Another solution is that we make a PVC/PET sleeve. Then the PET sleeves can slide into the paper box. Also, you can have a PET or PVC blister insert to put inside the paper box to hold the product.

And the thickness of the PET/PVC is varied from 0.15mm to 0.40mm. For the paper printed box with the PET sleeves, the 0.25mm, 0.30mm is the common thickness.

Paper Material for the Window Packaging

The custom folding paper box, E, F flute corrugated box, cosmetic/gift/electronic paper box often have the clear plastic window to display the products inside. In aGreen Packaging, we design and manufacture the custom paper packaging with the clear window. For the gift packaging box, the common material have coated paper and cardboard paper. aGreen will provide the suggestion according to your product. While for the bakery food packaging, which used good grade material, like kraft paperboard, SBS paperboard. Beside these 2 paper materials, sometimes the white lined chipboard which has the grey back is used to reduce the costs. For the luxury cosmetic paper boxes, the soft touch matte papers are often used.

Printing and Finish for the Cardboard Window Box

The paper/corrugated printed window box usually go with the offset printing, which renders a very high quality graphic surface. As for the finish, you can choose a glossy and matte effect, either for laminating or varnishing. Sometimes, our clients choose the spot UV for their logo to have an very glossy and embossing feel, very appealing and luxury.

The material and craft of paper boxes

Packaging Advantage

  • Clear window can show your gift/battery perfectly, and the customers can know the product quality according to it.
  • The insert blister tray has the customized cavity to prevent the inside product from moving, so the security of the box is very high.
  • Coated paper and PET sheet meet European environmental standards. And you can have more choice in materials.
  • Both size, structure and printing accepts customization, we can make the idea in your mind become real products.
  • Printing technique including but not limited screen printing, offset printing, hot stamping, lamination, varnishing etc.
  • During the transportation, box was flat and you can get the lower shipping costs.

In conclusion, we can make the idea in your mind become real products. If you want to know more paper box packaging information, please click to Paper Box.

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