Choosing the Perfect Packaging According to Your Products

Choosing the Perfect Packaging According to Your Products

As we known, the customer’s habit will effect what they are going to buy. Packaging become more and more important now for your products. If your products are really good, using the wrong packaging will effect the sales volume of your products. But if you choose the right packaging design, it will improve the level of your products and attract the customer’s attention.

clear plastic packaging box

The right packaging style should based on your product positioning.

When you design your products, you should know what kind of people will buy your products and where is your target market. For example, if you design product which is concise style, it is not suitable to use a kind of colorful cartoon to pack your products.

Knowing the consumption habit of the customer will help your to choose the better packaging.

The custom of some countries pays more attention to their privacy and they don’t like the packaging that can see the inside products. Therefore, it is better to choose paper packaging rather than clear plastic packaging.

You should decide the level of the target market before you choose the packaging design.

If you want to improve the level of your products and you want it looks expensive, you should choose the hand-made gift box rather than normal paper/plastic box.

We can give some professional suggestion for packaging.

We have been specialized in packaging field for 10 years with our own factory. So we have rich experience about the packaging design. If you have on idea about the packaging you are going to use, we can give you some professional suggestions.

1)For clear transparent packaging.

If you want to the clients can see the inside products, clear packaging is the best choice. There are so many clear packaging that you can choose to do:

  • Clear Plastic Box.PVC boxes


Clear plastic box can show the inside products better which can attract the clients’ attention.

The plastic material have good elasticity which can be pressure-resistant during transportation.

If you choose plastic box, you don’t need to worry the rain will destroy the box when shipping.

Plastic box can be flat during shipping that save the shipping space and your money.


It can’t be as Eco-friendly  as paper. Although plastic material also have Eco-friendly material, it needs more time to biodegrade than paper.

  • Clear Plastic Tube.


Clear plastic tube can be used for circled shaped products such as makeup sponge/puff or tennis/golf ball.Clear Plastic Tube.

Clear plastic tube also can be used for round fruit products like apple, strawberry, avocado and so on.

The plastic material have good elasticity which can be pressure-resistant during transportation.

Round shaped tube can protect the inside products better.


Clear Plastic Tube would occupy with much space which would cost high shipping cost.

  • Clear Plastic Bag(Poly Bag/OPP Bag).


The price of clear plastic bag will be cheaper than other packaging.Clear Plastic Bag

It can save the shipping cost cause the bag is flat.

You can choose the bag style such as the bag have zip or not.

Plastic bag is suitable for the small products or cheap products.


It can’t be used for heavy products.

It can’t improve the level of your products well.

  • Clear Plastic Bottle.

Advantages:Clear Plastic Bottle

Clear plastic bottle is very strong and it can be used for liquid products.

Plastic bottle can prevent the air into the bottle. So it is better for liquid or fresh products like beverage or fruits.

Plastic bottle can avoid the damage during the transportation. Even the courier is violent, the bottle is strong.


The price of plastic bottle will be higher.

It is better to use the exist size in the market cause the mold fee for creating a new size is very expensive.

  • Glass Packaging.

Advantages:Clear Plastic Bottle

Glass Packaging can show the products better.

It can used for liquid such as beverage.


It is very fragile during the shipping.

  • Acrylic Packaging.

The acrylic packaging is very strong and it can used for many different products.

The most usage for acrylic is that the showcase.

2)For non-transparent packaging.

If you want to keep mystery and don’t want the clients to see the inside products, you can choose the following non-transparent packaging:

  • Paper Box.

Advantages:paper box company

Paper material is Eco-friendly material and it can be biodegradable quickly.

Paper material can save your cost and it is suitable for brief products.


The paper can’t touch the water. If it is rainy, the shipping needs more attention.

Paper material don’t have elasticity, it will be destroyed when you press it.

  • Paper Gift Box/Magnet Box.


Paper Gift Box-Magnet Box

Magnet paper box can make your product looks high-grade.

Magnet paper box can protect the products very well

Magnet paper box is very strong.


The price for magnet paper box is expensive.

  • Paper Tube/Jar.


Custom paper tube packaging

Paper tube can protect the fragile products very well.

Paper tube use paper material which is Eco-friendly material.

Paper tube can keep the mystery of inside products.


Paper tube can’t touch the water.

Paper tube don’t have great elasticity. It can be destroyed when you press it.

  • Wooden Tube.


Wooden tube is very strong that protect the inside products well.

It looks very special than other packaging.


The price will be high.

The lead time is longer.

  • Metal Box/Jar.Tinplate packing


Metal box/jar can protect the products well.

Metal box/jar can prevent the air enter the box/jar.


The price is high and it will occupy with much space.

Contact us for free consultation and quotations

In fact, there don’t have perfect packaging. Each kind of packaging way will have advantages or disadvantages.

Just know what you need and what is your primary requirements, then choose the best one.

We are professional packaging supplier that have specialized in the field for 10 years with our own factory.

If you have any questions for packaging, contact me without hesitation.

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