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Makeup sponge packaging-The ultimate tutorial

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Makeup sponge pack-The ultimate tutorial

There have different styles konjac sponge packaging box products in the market. How to make your products outstanding? Which kind of sponge packaging design do you want? Maybe you can find the answers from this article.

makeup sponge pack-Clear Plastic boxes

sponge packaging design

The first interesting makeup sponge packaging I am going to talk is clear plastic tube. Clear tube packaging for makeup sponge can be the storage container for clients to keep the sponge clean. We have several regular size for the small makeup sponge tube. If you want to create new size, we also can do it for you. We accept custom packaging products, you can custom the size and printing.

makeup sponge packaging box

makeup sponge packaging box

Makeup Sponge Packaging

If you want your clients that can see the inside products, maybe you can consider to use clear plastic material such as PVC/PET material. Plastic material can pack the products well and it also can let the clients see the inside products clearly.

We accept custom products. So you can custom the size and the printing of the packaging. Because we have done many packaging for clients before, we have some regular sizes for the konjac sponge products. If you are interested in knowing more info, please contact our sales for more confirmation.

Makeup Sponge 2 Pack

makeup sponge 2 pack

sponge makeup package

Normally, there don’t have seller use all paper box to pack the makeup sponge in the market, because the colorful makeup sponge is their charcter to attract the clients’ attention. Therefore, you can see the packaging for makeup sponge in the market is clear plastic box or clear tube. Even though you can see there have paper box, it must be the paper box with clear window.

Makeup Sponge 4 Pack

According to our experience, usually the seller would choose beauty sponge pack combo. They would do the packaging box which can containe several beauty sponge, such as one big sponge and one small sponge or double sponges pack but different color. If you want to make the same series, tell us your requirements, then we can give you some suggestions.

Most of the clients would choose the normal plastic box to pack the makeup sponge. But there also have some clients want the packaging box stronger, so makeup sponge case box would be the better choice. What are the differences between normal plastic box and makeup sponge case box? The answer is the material thickness and craft. The thickness of the case box is thicker than normal plastic box. Usually the case box need to create the mould and the mould fee is expensive. At the same time, the minimum order quantity for case box is very high.

Makeup Sponge 4 Pack

Makeup Sponge Packing Tube

If you want your beauty sponge to have a different packaging style, agreen packaging recommends that you can use plastic cylinder packaging, which can not only reduce the cost of 360 ° Display beauty sponge, can also customize different sizes and printing styles, can also use colorful tinplate cover to match.

makeup sponge tube packaging

Makeup Sponge Packing Tube-Custom LOGO

tube packaging for makeup sponge

makeup sponge packing tube-Big gift bag

cylinder makeup sponge packaging

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Our company have specialized in packaging field for 10 years with our own factory. If you want to know more information about makeup sponge packaging, contact us without any hesitation.

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