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Frosted plastic tube packaging

Cosmetic packaging design will largely guide consumers’ willingness to spend. Therefore, designers should look for scientific concepts in packaging design, starting from the psychological needs of consumers, in order to achieve the goal of packaging design.

MOQ:3000PCS(Except special products)

Frosted Plastic Tube With Lids Wholesale

In modern society, with the continuous improvement of people’s living standards and the fierce market competition. Therefore, cosmetics are gradually getting more and more people’s attention and welcome. Because color is the first visual element in cosmetic packaging. So it plays an active and indispensable role in product sales, promotions, brands, and logos. Among the wide variety of goods, different colors influence people’s appeals to product emotions. People produce certain emotions through visual recognition and psychological reactions to color. Thereby leading to corresponding emotional associations. Reasonable color matching not only makes people enjoy visual enjoyment but also meets people’s psychological needs. At the same time, it can also increase people’s desire to purchase products and play a positive role in product sales. Plastic Tube With Lids

Plastic Tube With Lids Product Details

Name:Customized size clear plastic tube box packaging with lid
Dimension: Customized
Thickness:0.30mm mostly, 0.25mm-0.4mm is acceptable
Technology:Film laminating, die-cutting
Feature:Easy to display, eco-friendly
Usage:For makeup sponge packaging
Certification:FDA, REACH, ROHS
Packing:Bundle with film, put in exported corrugated carton
OEM sample time:7-9 days
Mass production time:10-15 days mostly
Trade term:EXW, FOB,CIF,CNF, DDP and DDU are all available
Warm Prompt: This tube could be customized to different requirements, including the dimensions, thickness, shape, color, and so on. If you are interested, pls don’t hesitate to tell us more info about your need for the exact price.

tube with lids

plastic tube


role in product  Plastic Lid Tube

Which part of the packaging you can custom?

  • The size of the box/blister/tube. If you don’t know the size, we will give you suggestions about the size when you can send your products to us.
  • Hanger. For example, you can choose to remove hanger, use single hanger or double Euro Hole. Certainly, we can show you the pictures about the hanger.
  • The structure of the box/open way. We can show you the styles of the box structure and you can choose the one you like, such as normal bottom, auto-lock bottom or snap closure structure.
  • Material. Some clients will have requirements for the material, like new brand material and cosmetics in biodegradable material packaging. For example, if you want a box to pack the food, it must be PET material. Because PET is food-grade material and it can touch food directly. If for electronic products, we suggest you can use PVC material, cause the price will be cheaper than PET material.
  • The material’s thickness. For instance, if you want a really strong box, we can give you suggestions according to your requirements. Tell us your requirements, then we can give you professional advice.
  • Printing. Of course, you can have your own printing. After you place the order and pay the deposit, our designer can send you the die-cut for the box.
  • Craft. For example, the material can add some elements to achieve anti-scratch. You also can choose to do soft crease. If you are interested in more information, contact us without hesitation.

Thin Rectangular Boxes

In conclusion, we can make the idea in your mind become real products. Our main products have blister/clam-shell, plastic box, plastic tube/cylinder, paper box and paper tube/cylinder.

If you have no idea for the packaging, we will recommend some of our hot selling packaging to you for your reference when you let me know more about your products. Then you can choose the one you like and design your own printing.

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