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Wholesale Flocking Blister Tray for Makeup Brushes

The blister tray is common packaging of cosmetic brushes. But most makeup brush blister trays use transparent material, it looks normal. So a black flocking blister tray will be more luxury and attractive.

MOQ:3000PCS(Except special products)

Wholesale Flocking Blister Tray for Makeup Brushes

The Flocking Blister Tray have the accurate slots for hold the makeup brushes, flannelette covered surface. Here is the 8 makeup brushes blister, it is for reference. You can make a blister with different size and color if you have different specifications of cosmetic brush packaging.

Products Advantage

  • Stability & Safety— It can make the suitable slots according to your products. So each product will have its own location. And the slot can protect your product from shock during transportation.
  • Lower Price—It’s less cost-effectiveness than plastic box/paper box/tube.
  • Safety— Each wax melt has its own slot for ensure stability during the transportation.
  • Soft Touch— The surface of blister is soft when you touch it. And it makes your product more upscale.
Blister Tray for Make Up Brushes
Black Blister Tray for 8pcs Makeup Brushes
Cosmetic Brush Blister Insert Tray
Custom the Blister Tray for Cosmetic Brushes
Makeup Brush Blister Insert Tray
Front/Bottom Side of Makeup Brush Blister Insert Tray

Which part can we customized?

  • Size—The sizes can custom according to your design. If you don’t have the design, we can suggest the size.
  • Quantity—Our MOQ is 3,000 pieces. But you can get the better price if you have more quantity.
  • Printing—Boxes’ printing can the same as you design.
  • Shape—Blister tray/Clam shell can customize the shape slots based on your products.
  • Lid & Base—Boxes have many different lid & base, such as the auto-lock bottom and flower lid.
  • Assemble Way—The assembly ways of blister have slider blister with cardboard, heat-sealing blister lid with cardboard, high-frequency blister.

In conclusion, we can make the idea in your mind become real products.

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Blister packaging production process - One-Stop Printing Packaging Custom


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