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PVC Frosted Tube Packaging

the PVC frosted tube packaging is one of our best sellers. And it is widely used in Make-Up sponge, T-shirt and hair extension packaging.

MOQ:3000PCS(Except special products)

PVC Frosted Tube Packaging for Make-Up Sponge

To tell you the true, the PVC frosted tube packaging is one of our best sellers. And it is widely used in Make-Up sponge, T-shirt and hair extension packaging.

Firstly, Safety— The packaging used the frosted PVC material which addressed the plagiarize issue. The tube can only show the T-Shirt color, but the specific pattern is not clear. But if you want the tube packaging is clear. So you can choose PVC/PET material.

Secondly, Printable— The printing accept offset printing, screen printing, hot stamping, varnishing, etc. And you can print the pattern, product introduction, your company information on the PVC frosted tube packaging.

Thirdly, you will see a small round hole at the top of the PVC frosted tube packaging lid. Clients can put a string into the hole and put them in hanger of supermarket.

Then your product will be show all around the sides.

Finally, the PVC frosted tube packaging is 3 crimping. The lid and the bottom of tube packaging .

What is the advantages of PVC frosted tube packaging?

Low Transportation Cost. The most important is that we can assemble products into tube packaging. Then ship them together.

In conclusion, we can provide professional idea about packaging. So please contact us free . We are here.

Frosted Tube Packaging

Tube Packaging with Offset Printing.

PVC Tube Packaging

There is a Small Hole at the top of Lid. There will be a String Through the Lid. So Client can Put it in the Hanger.

PVC Frsoted Tube

The Frosted Tube fit Make-Up Sponge well.

Tube Packaging for Make-Up Sponge

3 Crimping Tube Packaging for Make-Up Sponge.

Clear Tube Packaging

Colorful Printing/offset printing on the Surface of the Tube Packaging.

Transparent plastic box production process - One-Stop Printing Packaging Custom

Which part of the packaging you can custom?

  • The size of the box/blister/tube. If you don’t know the size, we will give you suggestions about the size when you can send your products to us.
  • Hanger. For example, you can choose to remove hanger, use single hanger or double Euro Hole. Certainly, we can show you the pictures about the hanger.
  • The structure of the box/open way. We can show you the styles of the box structure and you can choose the one you like, such as normal bottom, auto-lock bottom or snap closure structure.
  • Material. Some clients will have requirements for the material, like new brand material and cosmetics in biodegradable material packaging. For example, if you want a box to pack the food, it must be PET material. Because PET is food-grade material and it can touch food directly. If for electronic products, we suggest you can use PVC material, cause the price will be cheaper than PET material.
  • The material’s thickness. For instance, if you want a really strong box, we can give you suggestions according to your requirements. Tell us your requirements, then we can give you professional advice.
  • Printing. Of course, you can have your own printing. After you place the order and pay the deposit, our designer can send you the die-cut for the box.
  • Craft. For example, the material can add some elements to achieve anti-scratch. You also can choose to do soft crease. If you are interested in more information, contact us without hesitation.

In conclusion, we can make the idea in your mind become real products. Our main products have blister/clam-shell, plastic box, plastic tube/cylinder, paper box and paper tube/cylinder.

All the packaging can be used for phone cases, electronic products, baby products, cosmetics products, daily chemical products, food products and so on.

If you have no idea for the packaging, we will recommend some of our hot selling packaging to you for your reference when you let me know more about your products. Then you can choose the one you like and design your own printing.

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