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Universal Phone Case Packaging Factory Price

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Universal Phone Case Packaging is popular in the market. We are specialized in blister tray display for more than 9 years.

Firstly, the universal phone case packaging is a visual packaging for fast, uncomplicated handling.

Secondly, The White base tray has hanger hole. So client can hang the product on the display rack.

Besides, if you want printing at the back side of universal phone case packaging. We can stick the printing sticker at the white tray.

Thirdly, The clear lid of the universal phone case packing can add one color printing. But the most part is clear. So client can see the phone case clear.

The most important thing is that, there are barre marks inside of the universal phone case packaging. In order to pack different sizes phone case.

Since it is universal phone case packaging. It can pack different sizes phone case. So it can help client save mold cost. Then we can save time to produce product.

In addition, we can also do clam-shell packaging, tray/insert. folding blister in different material. Such as PVC, PET, PP, PS


We will draw die cut first. Then our engineer make a hand-made sample. Then we will send you sample picture or sample to confirm the size and thickness.

Later we will polish the mold and do mass product. After finish product. We will take picture and send the packing to you.

Therefore, please use them to package and display your products, and then you will never have to look elsewhere.

So, taking a look at the choices available here for more details.

blister trays
The clear blister lid shows the phone case.
lid with base blister
Clear Blister Lid Tray shows the Whole Phone Case.
thermoforming blister tray
Custom the Sticker for Universal Phone Case Packaging
phone case blister packaging
Custom Cavity fits to the Phone Case.
white blister packaging tray
The Buckles on the Side of Blister Packaging
position blister for phone case
Custom Cavity for the Phone Case Lid with Base Blister Packaging

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