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The Plastic Box Information/Knowledge You Need to Know Before Quotation

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The Plastic Box Information/Knowledge You Need to Know Before Quotation

The plastic box information/knowledge you need to know before quotation. We received many inquiries that the clients ask for a quote or price-list in the beginning without telling us any information. This situation really make me feel headache.

There have an old Chinese saying goes, “Difference in profession makes one feel worlds apart.” Maybe you think all of the products have price-list such as tablet, earphone, cable and so on. Yes, the electronic products have price-list because they have exist mold and the products that the clients want is the same. But what we do is custom products. Different clients want different products, such as the different size, different printing and different craft/technology. So how do we have price-list?

I understand that you don’t know much knowledge about our packaging field, now let me tell you some plastic box information that you need to know if you want to get accurate price. I believe the plastic box information/knowledge is easy for you to understand.

Box Style/Structure

The first thing for plastic box information you need to know is about the box style/structure. When we do the plastic box, we use the die-cut machine to cut the plastic sheet and use glue to glue the box.Die cut - One-Stop Printing Packaging Custom

Because we will array the die-cut of the plastic box in one plastic sheet, this is what we called composing. The box structure will affect the composing which will effect the cost of raw material. Different structure will have different composing, so the price would be different.

If the clients don’t say what structure of the box they want, we will quote the toothpaste structure box cause it is the cheapest box structure. Let me introduce more box structure for you.

Normal Structure/Toothpaste Structure

Toothpaste structure box is the box structure we used most frequently in the packaging market. It is also the cheapest structure box because of the composing. You can put your products into the box from top or bottom.

Semicircle Structure

The top is toothpaste structure lid, the bottom is semicircle structure.

The advantage of this box is the stable bottom. It is stronger than toothpaste structure box but it needs more time to assemble the box.

Snap Lock Structure

The lid is toothpaste structure and the bottom is snap lock structure.

This structure is very easy to fold and assemble. Normally this structure is used for light weight products.

Auto-Lock Structure

This kind of box can save your time for assembling the products.

You just need to press it into square shape and put products inside, then close the lid.

But it is complicated for us to produce the box, the price will be higher because of the more labor time.

Pillow Box

The arc-shaped appearance make the box look fashionable. You will feel good when you touch the box.

This kind of pillow box is suitable for small size products, it can improve the inside products’ level and make the products look interesting.

Other Structure Also Can Be Customized

We accept custom orders. Whatever the box structure you want, we can do it. If you want to add hanger on the top of box, we also can do it for you.

Because there are so many different structure box in the market, I don’t think you want to see all of the structures. I just show you the structures that the clients would choose for their products. If you’re interested in getting more plastic box information/knowledge, welcome to contact us for more details.

胶盒结构介绍 - One-Stop Printing Packaging Custom

Material & Material Thickness

The second thing for plastic box information you need to know is about the material.

We have two different styles for the material, one is clear material, the other is frosty material.

According to the usage of your products and product effect you want, you can choose the suitable material.

For Clear Material

If you want the clients can see the inside products clearly, it is better to use clear material. Let me tell you what kind of clear material you can use to do the plastic box.


PVC is the material that we used the most frequently. This kind of material can’t touch the food directly.

Funko Pop Case

PVC box was used for electronic products cause PVC is hard and it is the cheapest material.


PET is Eco-friendly material and it can touch the food directly.

If your product is food, you should use PET material. If your country have strict requirements for Eco-friendly, PET is your best choice.


PETG is higher Eco-friendly level than PET. From the appearance, you can’t see the difference between PET and PETG.

PET requires high MOQ, the MOQ for PETG is 1 ton at least and the price is higher than PET. We suggest you can use PET.

Clear PP

The original color of PP is frosty effect. But PP also can do clear effect.

PP material will be softer than other material, so it can’t resist high temperature condition.

For Frosty Material

If you don’t want to show the inside products completely, frosty material is your best choice. Frosty material only can see the shape of the products roughly.DSC0852 - One-Stop Printing Packaging Custom


PP is frosty effect material. It is also Eco-friendly material.

But PP is not very hard. When you bend the PP and other material, you will feel PP is softer than other material.

Frosty PVC

The original color of PVC is clear. But PVC also can do frosty effect.

If you want cheap material, frosty PVC is cheaper than frosty PP.

The Comparison Between Different Material

In order to make you have a clearer understanding for the material(plastic box information), here attach a form about the material comparison. Wish it can be helpful to you.

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The Material Thickness

The material we used frequently for plastic box is from 0.3-0.45mm. If you don’t know what thickness you should use, please tell us the size you need and the wight of inside products, we can give you professional suggestions according to your info.



When we communicate with clients about the size, we need to clear the size of the box.

Different people would have different understanding for the definition of length, width and height. And the array of length, width and height would effect how we do the composing, it will effect the price.

So it is better to use the picture to tell us the correct length, width and height.

QQ图片20190511133855 - One-Stop Printing Packaging Custom


There have 2 different printing method in the packaging field for now, silk-screen printing and offset printing. I will tell you the differences between silk-screen printing and offset printing.

Silk-Screen Printing

If the quantity of the packaging is not large, you can choose silk-screen printing. The color of silk-screen is bright, here attach some pictures for your reference. Only when the quantity of colors less than 4 colors, it can use silk-screen printing.

plastic box knowledgeplastic box knowledge

Offset Printing

If your design is complicated and the color over 4 colors, it requires to offset printing. We use machine to do offset printing, so the efficiency is very high, it is suitable for large quantity.

Small Clear Plastic Boxes With Lids Wholesale


MOQ (Minimal Order Quantity)

Usually the MOQ is 3000pcs. If you want the quantity less than 3000pcs, we also can do it. But I am afraid the price will be high and you can not accept it. When we do the quantity less than 3000pcs, there will increase the waste of raw material. This is the reason why our MOQ is 3000pcs.

Higher Quantity, Lower Price

When the quantity is high, we can have negotiation about the price. Because there will have material waste when we handle and adjust the machine, the percentage of raw material waste is high when small quantity. But if large quantity, the percentage is lower and the price will be cheaper.

The Craft/Technology That Can Improve the Products’ Level

If you want to make the box looks better or high-grade, we suggest that you can use some craft on the box to make it looks great, such as anti-scratch craft, hot stamping and embossing.


Normally, when you use something sharp to scratch the box, it will have scratch on the surface. So, choosing anti-scratch material can solve this problem.

There have two methods that can achieve anti-scratch. One is anti-scratch material which was added anti-scratch elements into raw material. Another is to do anti-scratch oil on the surface of box, you can choose to do anti-scratch oil inside or outside of the box.

Rigid Cardboard Pencil Tube

Hot Stamping

You also can improve the printing effect to make the box looks better. What I said is hot stamping.

The hot stamping printing looks shinning which can make the box stand out in the showcase.


Embossing is to make the part that you want to emphasize stand out or concave, such as your logo or the name of the product.

We Can Give Some Professional Suggestions If You Don’t Have Any Idea

If you just want to upgrade your products and haven’t decided which packaging you are going to use, welcome to contact us for professional advice. Our company have been specialized in packaging field for 11 years with our own factory. Therefore, we have rich experience about the packaging and we can put forward several packaging styles according to your products. Then you can choose the packing style you want. After tell you so many plastic box information you need to know, I think you are familiar with our packaging field.

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