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The Eight Main Structures of clear Transparent plastic boxes packaging

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Knowing the Structure of Box Can Help You to Choose the Best One

When I just started to learn the knowledge of the packaging, it is interesting for me to learn different structure box and the name. Choosing the best packaging for your products, you should know the structures and it’s advantage and disadvantages. As the Chinese saying goes, “Know yourself and know your enemy, you will win every war.” Knowing what is your primary requirements, you can choose the packaging which is truly what you need.

8 Main Structures of Box Packaging

There have so many different structure for the box packaging. But 8 kinds of structure box was used frequently. Today, let me

introduce these 8 main structure of box packaging for you.

Toothpaste Structure Box

This is the box structure that we used for toothpaste very frequently, you can put the products inside from the top or bottom.

Because of the composing of toothpaste structure box, its price is the cheapest price among all kinds of the structure box.

If the clients don’t say what structure they want and ask for quotation, we will calculate the price based on toothpaste structure box packaging.

Toothpaste Structure - One-Stop Printing Packaging CustomDSC 0269 - One-Stop Printing Packaging Custom

Semicircle Structure Bottom Box

The top is toothpaste structure lid, the bottom is semicircle structure.

The advantage of this box is the stable bottom. This bottom is stronger than toothpaste structure.

But semicircle structure needs more time to assemble it into a box.

Semicircle Structure Bottom - One-Stop Printing Packaging CustomPlastic Box For BottleDSC0836 - One-Stop Printing Packaging Custom

Two End Semicircle Structure - One-Stop Printing Packaging Custom

Two End Semicircle Structure Box

As you can imagine from the name, both of the top and bottom are semicircle structure.

This kind of structure is very stable and usually it is used for big size box.

If the size of the box you need is big, it is better to use this structure for the strong bottom.

Snap Lock Structure Box

The lid is toothpaste structure and the bottom is snap lock structure. Normally this structure is used for light weight products.

Snap Lock Structure Box is easy to fold it into box that can save the labor time. But the bottom is not very strong, it is better to use this structure to pack the products which is not weight.

Snap Lock Structure - One-Stop Printing Packaging CustomHair Oil Packaging Box Wholesale

Auto-Lock Structure Box

This kind of box can save your time for assembling the products.

You just need to press the bottom, it will become a square shape box. Then you can put products inside and close the lid.

Because the structure of the auto-lock is complicated and we need more time to do the box, so the price is higher than normal box.

On the other side, the auto-lock structure will make the box looks high-grade.

Auto Lock Structure - One-Stop Printing Packaging CustomBaby Nipple Packaging Box

Circle Corner Lock Bottom Box

Circle Corner Lock Bottom - One-Stop Printing Packaging Custom

The four corners of box are circle shape to make the appearance looks elegant. And you don’t need to worry the cor

ners will hurt your hand.

The corner of square shaped box maybe would hurt your hand if you didn’t pay attention to it. This circle corner box is better to use for the children products.

When the children get the products, you don’t need to worry there will be dangerous for them.

Apple Pie Box/Pillow Box

The arc-shaped appearance make the box look fashionable. You will feel good when you touch the box.

This kind of box is suitable for the underwear or similar small products, it is easy for customers to open it.

If you want to improve the product level, you can use soft crease or anti-scratch material to do the box.

More details for the craft/technology, we can give you clear explanation and professional advice.

Apple Pie Box Pillow - One-Stop Printing Packaging Customclear pillow boxes amazon

Match Box/Sleeve Box

This kind of box don’t have lid on two end. Usually the sleeve box with one base box as a set of packaging.

The sleeve box is to protect the inside product from popping out. This structure box with base box seems more like a gift box.

It can be used for the product which is heavy.

Overview for All Eight Structures

Maybe you will be confused about the eight kinds of structure box, so I attached this overview for the structure for you.

I believe you can have a clear sense for different kinds of structure box. If you want to get samples, we also can prepare it for you.

胶盒结构介绍 - One-Stop Printing Packaging Custom


I just show you the eight structure box that we produced most frequently. We accept the order for custom packaging.

If you have special requirements or you want to create a new design, we also can help you and provide some professional suggestions.

Anyway, if you have any questions for packaging or if you want to get quotation for the plastic box, welcome to contact us.

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