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Clear PVC Boxes Wholesale Pvc Transparent Box Gift Packaging


Thickness: 0.2-0.5mm

Process: screen printing/offset printing/embossing/hot silver /UV

Clear PVC Boxes Wholesale|Pvc Transparent Box Gift Packaging

If you are looking for clear PVC boxes wholesale, you should know that plastic packaging is preferred as it has good barrier properties.

Plastic polymers like PET and PP are inert to any kind of chemicals and do not react with them on contact. Cosmetics are made from different kinds of chemicals and similar ingredients which need protective and inert packaging.

Material: clear PVC and Custom color
Size: As custom Or, we will suggest it.
Templates: Customized templates or standard templates can be supplied for your needs
Printing: full colors CMYK or silk-screen printing, Hot silver /gold stamping
Packaging: details supply all kinds of packing options, according to customers’ requirements: shipping marks,20PCS/Pack.
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, Paypal.
Sample lead time :3-5 working days
Production lead time: 7-10 working days
Shipping Details:by sea/air, according to customers’ requirements.

Transparent pvc box

clear pvc boxes wholesale

clear pvc boxes wholesaleclear pvc plastic Box Wholesale

Pvc box packaging for cosmetic

Plastic polymers provide the ideal protective properties for the packaging cosmetic products. When these plastic packaging boxes are exposed to contact with the cosmetic products, they do not react with them and this ensures that they are not contaminated.

PVC plastic boxes

clear Plastic pvc cosmetic packaging box pvc Plastic cosmetic packaging box pvc Plastic cosmetic packaging boxClear Pvc box for food

clear pvc Cosmetic plastic packaging box

PVC clear box Cost-Effective

One of the biggest advantages of using plastic boxes for PVC clear boxes is they are highly cost-effective. When compared to other packaging alternatives like metals, plastic packaging is much cheaper and more effective. clear vinyl boxes Plastic packaging also reduces the cost of transportation of products.

clear plastic boxes packaged in plastic boxes take lesser space and this ensures that more volume of products can be transported using the same amount of fuel.

clear plastic boxes Of course for all kinds of retail products. For example sponges, baby products, Gift, fishing lures, screwdrivers and crafts, fruit.




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