Acetate Tube Packaging |Clear Cylinder Packaging

What is Acetate tube packaging or acetate cylinder packaging?

Firstly, Acetate tube packaging,acetate cylinder packaging. High transparent material, can fully display the product.

100% recyclable material to protect the environment。

In terms of thickness:1.Thin wall plastic tube packaging(adhesive The plastic tube packaging)2.Heavy Wall Clear Plastic Tubes(Seamless plastic tube packaging)

In terms of diameter:1.Large diameter clear Plastic tubes. 2.Small diameter clear Plastic tubes

Seamless Acetate cylinder tube packaging Video introduction

Thin Wall flexible Plastic Tubing Video introduction(adhesive The plastic tube packaging)

Make your product stand out with agreenpackaging innovative line of Acetate tube packaging.

Utilizing the finest raw materials in the industry, AgreenPackaging Co. Inc manufactures crystal clear, seamless, shatterproof, semi-rigid, thin wall containers. These containers are incredibly lightweight, convenient and cost effective. Affording maximum protection against dust and dirt, our flexible containers let your product shine through, optimizing its visual impact while protecting its integrity. These containers are offered with a sealed bottom or open ended, and when paired with our caps and plugs, they become the perfect reusable package.

Acetate Plastic Tubes are ideal for packaging a wide variety

cutting tool packaging
clear plastic poster tubes
welding rod tube
soil sampling
bath salts
artist paint brushes
clear plastic craft tubes for beads or buttons
candy tube packaging
candy cane plastic packaging
plastic evidence tubes
point of sale
poster packs
fishing lure containers – and virtually anything else you can imagine.

All kinds of retail products. like,Bottle, Light Bulb,Gift, fishing lures, screwdrivers and crafts.

clear plastic tube

In-house Packaging Experts to Assist You

When you work with agreenPack, you’ll have a specialist dedicated to helping you find or create the best package for your needs, budget and more.

we know that not every packaging application requires a new-to-the-world, custom design. That’s why we offer solutions to fit nearly every need, budget and application.

From our innovative semi-custom clamshell program to our extensive line of standard, mix-and-match tubes, caps, and plugs, we create customized packages quickly and inexpensively.

When a totally custom design is needed, our team of packaging professionals can manage every aspect of your project – from concept and design to manufacturing and fulfillment.

Acetate tubes for candyacetate tubes for candy

Transparent plastic tube packaging Types of materials

Crystal clear clarity PVC/PET/RPET/PETG/PC material


The length can be arbitrary

transparent Packaging tube

clear plastic tube,What shape can you make besides a circle?

tube packaging

As shown in the picture, triangles clear plastic tube, squares, rectangles clear plastic tube, and ellipses clear plastic tube, as well as other profile-shaped structures, can also be made

plastic tubes Packaging is the clear choice for recyclable extruded semi-rigid clear plastic tubes and containers. Our clear plastic packaging system is a cost effective, high impact way to increase your products sales. Applications for our clear plastic tubes are unlimited. We can create a package from standard or custom components to meet your budget and design requirements.

Our Heavy Wall clear plastic tubes and Thin Wall clear plastic tubes are an ideal way to house a wide variety of consumer and industrial products, where our Sealed Bottom clear plastic tubes and retail-ready Hanging Tubes are excellent for many types of POP and display-friendly packaging. Other uses include our unique clear plastic Mailing Tubes, part feeder tubes or even component parts. The uses are limited only by your imagination.

We also have stronger paper tube packingpaper tube packaging

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